Angel Gifts & Angel Products

Love angels? You’re not alone! We’ve got a wealth of angel-themed products so you can fill your home and life with heavenly angelic symbols as a reminder that angels are always close by. From lovely angel items to wear, such as angel pins, angels to have on display, such as ornaments and figurines, to useful angel accessories to use, such as keyrings, angel writing pads and list pads, there’s something for everyone. As well as treating yourself, all the angel items make useful presents and gift ideas – and some are even small enough to be popped inside a card.

Angels are regarded as being ‘messengers from God’. They’re able to communicate with both humans and the higher realms, connecting the two together in a unique and subtle way. Having angel symbols reminds us of the idea of service – of being of service to others and the greater good. They’re a positive symbol of love and compassion, understanding and peace, and can be comforting and reassuring to have nearby.

  • Protected by Angels - Earth Angel Coin
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Protection
  • Angel Stone - Guardian Angel
  • Angel Stone - Healing
  • Tiny Archangel Michael Token
  • Angel Blessing Coin

    Angel Blessing Coin

    Was: £2.64
    Now: £1.12
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Faith
  • Archangel Stone - Michael
  • Archangel Michael Pocket Shield
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Courage
  • Four Leaf Clover Stone
  • Tiny Archangel Gabriel Token
  • Angel Worry Stone - Courage
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Healing
  • Angel Worry Stone - Angelite
  • Archangel Stone - Raphael
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Abundance
  • Tiny Archangel Raphael Token
  • Light Pink Lead Crystal Hanging Angel
  • Angel Wings Holder
  • Angel of Courage Coin

    Angel of Courage Coin

    Was: £2.64
    Now: £1.12
  • Purple Lead Crystal Hanging Angel
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Peace
  • Angel Reflection Coin

    Angel Reflection Coin

    Was: £2.64
    Now: £1.12
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Love
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Hope
  • Protected by Angels - Dignity Coin
  • Angel Worry Stone - Grace
  • Angel Hope / Wisdom Coin
  • Clear (with AB Coating) Lead Crystal Hanging Angel
  • Magnetic List Pad - Butterflies
  • Light Green Lead Crystal Hanging Angel
  • Tiny Archangel Uriel Token
  • Archangel Raphael Pocket Shield
  • Teeny Tiny Angel - Blessing
  • Protected By Angels Spinner Keyring
  • Stone Happiness (2 Angels)
  • Archangel Michael Figurine (7 inch)
  • Dark Aquamarine Lead Crystal Hanging Angel
  • Archangel Stone - Gabriel
  • Archangel Raphael Figurine (7 inch)
  • Lead Crystal Sun Catcher with Guardian Angel Disc