Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are carved from natural gemstones to form a stunning wand shape. Wands are good to hold when you need focus or clarity. Wands are also used in crystal healing to direct healing energy. The type of crystal you choose will bring that particular crystal's properties. A wand pointed away from the body will tend to draw energy away and a wand or point pointed towards the body will tend to channel energy in. "Universal energy" rather than your own energy is focussed down the wand and through the point.

Massage wands is the name often used for cut wands that are polished and have a point at one end and are rounded at the other. This rounded end can be used to gently massage sensitive spots on the body while the pointed end can be used in healing.

Laser wands are so called because they focus the energy into a laser type concentration at the tip of the wand. They are natural (not carved) often smaller wands used to direct energy in healing and can have very specific uses in healing such as energetic "surgery", cutting away of negativity and even entities.

  • Selenite Spiral Wand (6 Inches)
  • Selenite Pencil Wand (approx 5 1/2 Inches Long)
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  • Smooth Selenite Wand (6 inches long)
  • Red Jasper Crystal Massage Wand
  • Green Aventurine Crystal Massage Wand
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Massage Wand
  • Black Jasper Crystal Massage Wand
  • Banded Amethyst Crystal Massage Wand
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Massage Wand
  • Green Aventurine Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Black Obsidian Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Opalite Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Wand - 60 mm long (approx)
  • Dalmation Jasper Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Amethyst Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Red Jasper Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Mini Vogel Wand 12 Facets - 1 1/4 inch (High quality)
  • Smooth Banded Amethyst Chunky Massage Wand (9cm)
  • Smooth Rose Quartz Chunky Massage Wand (9cm)
  • Smooth Clear Quartz Chunky Massage Wand (9cm)