Natural Face Skin Care

Keeping our skin healthy and moisturized is a vital part of our everyday skincare regime. In our skincare section we have a rage of creams, serums, oils, toners, masks and scrubs all made from natural ingredients and ethically sourced.

It's important to keep our skin clean of gunk and grime that might build up over the day, and once we've cleansed to make sure we re-hydrate; keeping your skin supple and protected. 

A great way to do this is to firstly cleanse the skin with cream cleanser, or micellar water, this will help to remove excess dirt, makeup and dead skin cells from clogged pores, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Next, remove any excess with a facial toner (face masks are great to use once a week when in extra need of pampering). Lastly, re-hydrate the skin with facial oil, moisturizer or face cream.

  • Sonoran Clay Face & Body Mask (2.75 oz)
  • Desert Decadence Facial Exfoliant (1 oz)
  • Desert Offerings Travel Collection
  • Vanilla Coconut Oil
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    Vanilla Coconut Oil

    £8.95 - £15.30
  • Sage Coconut Oil (1oz)
  • Rosemary Coconut Oil
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    Rosemary Coconut Oil

    £8.95 - £15.30
  • Pure Coconut Oil
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    Pure Coconut Oil

    £7.62 - £12.18
  • Pinon Coconut Oil
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    Pinon Coconut Oil

    £8.95 - £15.30
  • Mochalicious Coconut Oil
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  • Lavender Coconut Oil
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    Lavender Coconut Oil

    £8.95 - £15.30
  • Coffee Coconut Oil
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    Coffee Coconut Oil

    £8.95 - £15.30
  • Calendula Coconut Oil
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    Calendula Coconut Oil

    £8.95 - £15.30
  • Jasmine Coconut Oil (1oz)
  • Rose Coconut Oil
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    Rose Coconut Oil

    £8.95 - £15.30
  • Dual End Facial Massage Roller - Various Crystals Available
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  • Rose Organic Face & Body Cream (100g)
  • Neroli Organic Face & Body Cream (100g)
  • Jasmine Organic Night Cream (100g)
  • Moroccan Argan Oil (100% Certified Organic)
  • Neroli Organic Facial Oil (28 ml)
  • Rose Organic Facial Oil (28 ml)
  • Jasmine Organic Facial Oil (28 ml)
  • Organic Rose Moisturiser -  Daily Defence (50ml)
  • Oily Skin Organic Facial Oil (50ml)
  • Grapefruit, Lavender & Frankincense Cream Cleanser  - Pro-Collagen (250ml)
  • Tea Tree Facial Toner Water (250ml) - Combination Skin
  • Rose Water Facial Toner (250ml) - Combination Skin
  • Jasmine Facial Toner Water (250ml) - Dry Skin
  • Bamboo & Mandarin Face Scrub (100ml)
  • Acai & Goji Berry Firming Face Mask (100ml)
  • Apple, Avocado & Aloe Face Mask (100ml)