Calcite Crystals and Calcite Jewellery

The name calcite comes from the Greek word chalx, which means lime. Some calcite crystals take on an iridescent quality and calcite can be transparent, translucent or opaque. Other than quartz, calcite is one of the most widely found crystals in the world. It's got a long history, and was even used on the throne in the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

As a whole, the energy of calcite is healing and clearing and as such can be used a tool for work with clearing. In particular, it's useful for chakra work, as it can help aid the chakra clearing process and open up the energy centres. It's often referred as being a powerful energy amplifier and can be used for astral travel, channelling and meditation. 

Individual shades of calcite also have additional properties:
White calcite - The energy stimulates feelings of peace and love, for the whole universe, plus it gives a sense of protectiveness.
Pink calcite - Promotes peace and harmony with yourself and the whole world.
Mangano calcite - Helps release old emotions like grief & trauma and bring in divine love to replace it.
Orange calcite - Promotes happiness and safety.
Yellow or Brown calcite - Has an energy of wisdom.
Red calcite - Energising, protecting and banishes negativity.
Blue calcite - Promotes balance, has a healing energy.
Green calcite - Useful for work with your higher consciousness, accessing wisdom and psychic abilities.
Grey calcite - Promotes an air of calmness and serenity, along with detachment from problems/issues.
Black calcite - Grounding and stabilising.

  • Honey Calcite Crystal Pocket Angel
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  • Orange Calcite Crystal Sphere (35mm)
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