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Cedarwood Essential Oil (Morocco) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)

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    Manufacturer: - Professional quality oils
    Size: 10 ml
    Concentration: 100% concentrated and pure

    Name: Cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica

    A provocatively rich, spicy, warming oil. Harmonizing, restorative and spiritual - with a little sensuality mixed in.

    About Cedarwood Essential Oil: This enchanting oil is believed to be life-giving. Let the evocative essence of cedarwood calm, sooth and comfort you. It may help to stabilize energies thrown out of balance, bringing harmony and clarity. While enhancing meditation, it supports and heals many body systems, restoring homeostasis and a sense of well-being.

    Description of Aroma: Pleasantly deep, woody and balsamic, reminiscent of sandalwood, but slightly dryer.

    Ruling Planet: Uranus

    Properties Beneficial To The Mind, Emotions and Spirit: The calming, soothing, harmonizing and comforting action of cedarwood makes it a valuable aid to deepen meditation and strengthen focus. It is of great benefit to nervous tension, anxiety and stress-related problems. Believed to dispel gloomy thoughts, clear obsession, diffuse fear, dispel anger and aggression, and give the heart courage. Its subtle properties may balance your energies and help you find clarity of mind. As an aphrodisiac massage oil it is reputed to increase sexual response, and its tonic and stimulating effect on the body, combined with the stress-reducing properties may give some foundation to this belief.

    Of Interest: Cedar is a Semitic word meaning the power of spiritual strength, and it represents a symbol of constant faith. It is one of the oldest aromatics used as temple incense, which probably adds to its mystical image. Cedarwood may possibly be the first essential oil to have been extracted from a plant. The Egyptians used this oil extensively, particularly in the process of embalming, or mummification, in cosmetics and impregnating papyrus leaves to protect them from insects. The wood was honoured as a symbol of strength, dignity and nobility, and made into jewellery, furniture, sarcophagi and tall ship masts. In fact the wood was valued so highly that Lebanon - producer of the cedrus libani cedar of antiquity - was incorporated into the Egyptian empire to ensure a regular supply. The oil was one of the ingredients in a famous centuries-old antidote called Mithridat, and native American Indians used it for respiratory infections and to help them enter a higher spiritual realm. It is still employed as an aid for meditation and a traditional medicine by Tibetan Buddhists.

    Unfortunately this particular species is very scarce and threatened with extinction, as it was once overused. Vast quantities were employed in the production of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem, and other large temples and palaces in the Middle East. Only about 400 trees, some of which are over 2,500 years old, are left in the holy forest of Lebanon. Since the cedar of Lebanon has all but disappeared, the essential oil today is produced from a variety of other cedar trees, the most preferred being the Atlas cedar.

    Cedarwood is now made into smaller items such as pencils, boxes and chests, as the wood has a tendency to warp, and yet is very aromatic due to the high percentage of essential oil it contains. Wood chips or carved balls placed among clothes are an excellent insect repellent. Nowadays it is a popular fixative in perfumes, and its masculine aroma makes it a favoured scent for men's toiletries.

    Properties Beneficial To The Physical Body: Cedarwood is most effective for chronic or longstanding complaints. It is used widely against numerous respiratory disorders, and has a tonic action on the nervous, urinary and endocrine gland system, so helping to regulate homeostasis, thus restoring the balance within the body. It may relieve painful arthritis and chronic rheumatism. Its strengthening, detoxifying, antibacterial and antifungal properties help with numerous conditions of the skin and hair. An interesting point is that cedarwood has been shown to inhibit the mitosis of tumour cells, and may therefore be of value in cancer therapy.

    Cedarwood Oil Blending Suggestions: Cedarwood blends wonderfully with many other 'tree' oils. Try it with benzoin, bergamot, cinnamon, cypress, frankincense, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon, linden blossom, neroli, rose and rosemary.

    Alternative Suggestions For Use: Effective in room sprays and diffusers as an air purifier and insect and vermin repellent. Particularly effective against mosquitoes, moths, woodworm, termites, ants, leeches and even rats. It will help keep moths away from your woolies.

    Essential Safety Precautions: Cedarwood should be avoided during pregnancy as it can induce menstruation. It may cause skin irritation and sensitization on sensitive skin or if used in high concentrations.

    Do not use essential oils undiluted or take internally without the guidance of a qualified practitioner. The information contained here is for general interest and is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Holistic Trader own brand oils - Essential oils
    We take great pride in the quality of our essential oil range.

    * They are non-adulterated and are as produced at the still
    * We specify the country of origin for each oil
    * Each oil has been independently tested by French chemist
    * Our essential oils are not blended unless we say specifically say so
    * No middlemen - straight from soil to bottle

    Originally the Holisticshop range of essential oils went under the name of Windflowers. This company was founded by a qualified aromatherapist, selling high quality oils to shops and aromatherapists throughout UK and the world. In 2003 the opportunity came up for Holisticshop to buy Windflowers, which we did. This acquisition has meant that since this time Holisticshop customers have been able to buy high quality oils at the price professional aromatherapists would expect to pay.

    Lower quality oils are available on the market but we continue to pick the best quality source for every oil. For example our lavender oil is "High Alpine" lavender from Mount Ventoux in the Pyrennes and the ylang ylang is the "complete" oil, not the ylang ylang II or III which come from a different stage in the distillation process. In the current climate essential oil prices on the open market have risen quite dramatically and some sellers are cutting quality. We have maintained quality, bought well and kept as competitive as always.

    We do not buy anonymous drums of essential oils on the open market and we do not redistill lower quality oils to remake a “scientifically” higher grade oil that does not smell great (this happens sometimes with ylang ylang). We know the country and the growers of all our oils. Please be assured by the care we take with making sure our oils are great quality. You will smell the difference.

    Cedarwood - Clearing, spiritual, restorative
    Cedarwood essential oil is rich, spicy and warming. The evocative woody essence can calm, sooth and comfort you. It’s a valuable aid in meditation, can help to stabilize energies thrown out of balance, heal many body systems and restore a sense of well-being.

    Aromatherapist quality

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    Cedarwood Essential Oil (Morocco) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)
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