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Chamomile Roman Essential Oil (England) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)

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    Manufacturer: - Professional quality oils
    Size: 10 ml
    Concentration: 100% concentrated and pure

    Name: Chamomile - Roman, Anthemis nobilis

    Remarkably calming, soothing and healing, this comforting oil promotes relaxation, sleep and peace for your mind and body

    About Chamomille Roman Essential Oil : This widely used, highly versatile ancient herb with its intriguing aroma, possesses strong sedative, tonic and pain relieving properties. Effective in combating nervousness, depression, sensitivity, worries and stress, and promoting relaxation, sleep and a sense of calm and peacefulness while restoring your body to health, this oil is an essential addition to your collection.

    Description of Aroma: A powerful, captivating scent; bright, crisp, sweet, fruity and herbaceous with a mildly bitter edge - a little like warm apples, or 'apples and straw'.

    Ruling Planet: Sun or moon - depending on the source

    Properties Beneficial To The Mind, Emotions And Spirit: Chamomile is considered an extremely soothing oil and is very calming to the mind. As a sedative, antidepressant and nerve tonic it helps in reducing anxiety, anger, stress, tension, fear and hysteria (especially when blended with lavender) thus promoting peace and relaxation. Very helpful with insomnia, it can allay your worries and give you patience. It is a remedy for when you feel morose, grumpy, disorientated, impatient, short-tempered, self-involved, overly sensitive or rarely satisfied. Burnt as incense it can help deepen meditation.

    Of Interest: A member of the daisy family, although considered a herb, there are many species of chamomile. It is an extremely versatile oil from one of the oldest known plants. The word chamomile is derived from the Greek word meaning ground apple, and the Latin nobilis refers to noble flowers. The ancient Egyptian priests recognized the soothing action of the herb, particularly on nervous conditions, and it was considered a whole body healer by the Greeks. According to Nicholas Culpeper, author of Culpeper's Herbal, the Egyptians considered it sacred and dedicated the flowers to the sun, as they cured fevers. In 1966 a Polish study showed chamomile to lower the body temperature of rats by 3 - 3.5%. Other sources believe it to be a moon herb as it has a cooling effect.

    It was a popular plant with the Moors and Vikings, and the Saxons valued it as a sacred herb known as maythen. Throughout history it has been a traditional medicine for pregnant women and children, primarily due to its low toxicity. Employed to condition and lighten blond hair, it has long been known as the 'plant's physician' because it cured diseases in other plants and shrubs nearby. Chamomile tea is drunk widely as an effective aid to digestion, as well as inducing sleep. It also believed to help jaundice and liver problems - possibly why it is added to some liqueurs!

    During the second world war it was used as a disinfectant, probably due to its high ester content, (75-80%) which acts as a strong fungicide as well as being anti-inflammatory. Its efficacy with female disorders gave rise to its German name, which means 'mother herb' when translated. Nowadays it is used widely in the pharmaceutical industry, in homeopathic medicines, and extensively in perfumes and cosmetics - especially for skin and hair care. It is also current in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia for treating a variety of ailments. Along with lavender and peppermint, it is one of the main oil-producing herbs grown in England, and believed to be the principal oil-producing herb in the world.

    Properties Beneficial To The Physical Body: Due to its analgesic, or pain-killing properties, chamomile is particularly useful for any type of aches, pains, swelling, inflammation or injuries - in bones, muscles and organs, and particularly when connected to nervous conditions. Used widely for digestive, urinary and menstrual problems, it stimulates production of white corpuscles - which fight bacteria - and therefore helps support and strengthen the immune system - useful if you are fighting repeated infections. Also worth mentioning is that chamomile promotes healthy skin and is an excellent, soothing remedy for many skin disorders, allergies and wounds, due to its high azulene content. (Azulene is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and gives the oil its blue colour.)

    Chamomille Roman Oil Blending Suggestions: Chamomile blends well with numerous oils. Try it with any of the following: Angelica, benzoin, bergamot, geranium, jasmine, lavender, lemon, marjoram, neroli, palmarosa, patchouli, rose and ylang ylang.

    Alternative Suggestions For Use: Added to a diffuser or aroma-lamp in a child's bedroom, chamomile can help with restless sleep, nightmares and allergies. It is recommended that any treatment with chamomile be backed up by drinking chamomile tea. For tired or sore eyes, apply warm chamomile teabags over the eyes while relaxing. Chamomile is an excellent alternative to lavender, and if continual use of essential oils is required it is a good policy to alternate and vary the oils.

    Essential Safety Precautions: Chamomile should not be used during the first trimester of pregnancy, as it can induce menstruation, although for the remaining time it can be most beneficial. It is not for long-term use with estrogen-dependant cancers, and may irritate very sensitive skin if used undiluted.

    Do not use essential oils undiluted or take internally without the guidance of a qualified practitioner. The information contained here is for general interest and is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Holistic Trader own brand oils - Essential oils
    We take great pride in the quality of our essential oil range.

    * They are non-adulterated and are as produced at the still
    * We specify the country of origin for each oil
    * Each oil has been independently tested by French chemist
    * Our essential oils are not blended unless we say specifically say so
    * No middlemen - straight from soil to bottle

    Originally the Holisticshop range of essential oils went under the name of Windflowers. This company was founded by a qualified aromatherapist, selling high quality oils to shops and aromatherapists throughout UK and the world. In 2003 the opportunity came up for Holisticshop to buy Windflowers, which we did. This acquisition has meant that since this time Holisticshop customers have been able to buy high quality oils at the price professional aromatherapists would expect to pay.

    Lower quality oils are available on the market but we continue to pick the best quality source for every oil. For example our lavender oil is "High Alpine" lavender from Mount Ventoux in the Pyrennes and the ylang ylang is the "complete" oil, not the ylang ylang II or III which come from a different stage in the distillation process. In the current climate essential oil prices on the open market have risen quite dramatically and some sellers are cutting quality. We have maintained quality, bought well and kept as competitive as always.

    We do not buy anonymous drums of essential oils on the open market and we do not redistill lower quality oils to remake a “scientifically” higher grade oil that does not smell great (this happens sometimes with ylang ylang). We know the country and the growers of all our oils. Please be assured by the care we take with making sure our oils are great quality. You will smell the difference.

    Chamomile Roman - Calming, soothing, 'nerve tonic'
    Chamomile Roman essential oil is a remarkably calming and soothing bright, sweet and fruity aroma with a hint of warm apples. It can help to promote relaxation, sleep and peace of mind while restoring your body to health.

    Aromatherapist quality

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    Chamomile Roman Essential Oil (England) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)
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