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Neroli (5% dilution in grape seed oil) Essential Oil - 10 ml

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    Manufacturer: - Professional quality oils
    Size: 10 ml
    Concentration: 5% dilution in grapeseed oil

    Name: Neroli, Citrus aurantium/vulgaris/bigaradia

    Exquisitely scented, deliciously cooling, refreshing and exhilarating. An enlivening and sensuously seductive elixir

    About Neroli Essential Oil: Aside from its heavenly scent, neroli's tranquilizing effect on the sympathetic nervous system makes it one of the most effective sedative oils. This, added to its antidepressant qualities, ensures its usefulness for many nervous conditions, and for easing the transition of menopause. An effective heart tonic, this ambrosial oil is also a valuable skin treatment for all complexions.

    Description of Aroma: Delectably sweet, floral and feminine with citrus undertones. Considered to be one of the finest floral fragrances, neroli is rather pleasantly haunting and slightly euphorigenic.

    Ruling Planet: Sun

    Properties Beneficial To The Mind, Emotions And Spirit: The properties of this oil include being an antidepressant and a sedative, making it a valuable aid for numerous highly emotional states and nervous and psychological concerns, including anxiety, stress, nervous tension, over-sensitivity, depression, hysteria, shock (especially involving the heart), tearfulness, irritability, panic and fear.

    Neroli calms and slows the mind, so try this oil to instill feelings of calm and peace if you are overwrought, especially unecessarily, or if you are worked up about an upcoming stressful event, such as exams, public speaking, a driving test or interview. It may also help inspire sleep if you suffer from insomnia, and is said to strengthen the astral body. The scent of this oil is distinctly sensuous, producing a slightly euphoric effect, and not surprising it is a renowned aphrodisiac.

    Of Interest: Neroli, or orange blossom, is native to China, where the flowers were traditionally used in cosmetics. The oil was in production by the beginning of the 16th century. It became a fashionable scent when an Italian princess, Anna-Maria de la Tremoils, wife of the Italian prince of Nerola - from where the name is said to originate - began to employ it. She perfumed everything with it, from her stationary and lace shawls to her bath water and gloves, which became known as guanti de Neroli. However some believe the name originates from Emperor Nero.

    Orange blossoms have long been incorporated in wedding bouquets as a symbol of innocence, as well as for securing love - and overcoming wedding night anxiety. In Victorian times the petals were an ingredient in eau de colognes, particularly for tight-laced ladies who frequently suffered from 'the vapours'. Many European dishes contain orange flower water.

    The best oil is said to come from the symmetrical, star-shaped flowers of the bitter orange tree, which has beautiful, abundant blossoms all exhaling a deliciously sweet fragrance. Supposedly the best quality is produced from the bitter Seville blossoms (citrus vulgaris ). Sometimes other citrus flowers are used, such as sweet orange, lemon or mandarin. The sweet orange oil (citrus aurantium) is known as Neroli of Portugal. Real neroli, also called Bigarde is used in very expensive perfumes and colognes. As one of the most costly oils it is widely falsified. As well as in perfumes the oil is utilized in the cosmetics and food industries.

    Properties Beneficial To The Physical Body: Surprisingly bacteriacidal and an effective cardiac tonic, neroli cleanses the blood, improves circulation and reduces heart palpitations. Its antispasmodic action and tranquilizing effects may sooth the intestines and ease nervous stomach upsets. It can also help nerve pain, headaches and vertigo, and is generally a beneficial oil in helping the transition of menopause.

    Neroli is believed to regenerate skin cells, improve elasticity, balance sebum and have an emollient effect, so it is therefore helpful to numerous skin conditions. These include scarring and stretch marks, thread veins, dermatitis, and dry, sensitive and mature skins.

    Neroli Blending Suggestions: The perfect choice for the heart of any floral blend, neroli mixes with almost any oil. You may like to experiment with benzoin, bergamot, coriander, geranium, lavender, lemon, lime, orange, palmarosa, petitgrain, rosemary, and sandalwood. It is particularly lovely with other floral oils, such as rose, jasmine and ylang ylang.

    Alternative Suggestions For Use: Neroli makes a luxurious, relaxing, deodorant bath oil, and yet is said to ease bouts of yawning. It is also believed to give protection to the skin during X-ray treatment.

    Essential Safety Precautions: Generally considered a safe oil, but due to its relaxing effect it is advisable not to use neroli if you need a clear head to concentrate.

    Do not use essential oils undiluted or take internally without the guidance of a qualified practitioner. The information contained here is for general interest and is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Holistic Trader own brand oils - Essential oils
    We take great pride in the quality of our essential oil range.

    * They are non-adulterated and are as produced at the still
    * We specify the country of origin for each oil
    * Each oil has been independently tested by French chemist
    * Our essential oils are not blended unless we say specifically say so
    * No middlemen - straight from soil to bottle

    Originally the Holisticshop range of essential oils went under the name of Windflowers. This company was founded by a qualified aromatherapist, selling high quality oils to shops and aromatherapists throughout UK and the world. In 2003 the opportunity came up for Holisticshop to buy Windflowers, which we did. This acquisition has meant that since this time Holisticshop customers have been able to buy high quality oils at the price professional aromatherapists would expect to pay.

    Lower quality oils are available on the market but we continue to pick the best quality source for every oil. For example our lavender oil is "High Alpine" lavender from Mount Ventoux in the Pyrennes and the ylang ylang is the "complete" oil, not the ylang ylang II or III which come from a different stage in the distillation process. In the current climate essential oil prices on the open market have risen quite dramatically and some sellers are cutting quality. We have maintained quality, bought well and kept as competitive as always.

    We do not buy anonymous drums of essential oils on the open market and we do not redistill lower quality oils to remake a “scientifically” higher grade oil that does not smell great (this happens sometimes with ylang ylang). We know the country and the growers of all our oils. Please be assured by the care we take with making sure our oils are great quality. You will smell the difference.

    Neroli - Sensual, hypnotic, soothing
    Neroli Essential Oil has a delectably sweet, floral and feminine aroma with citrus undertones; exquisitely scented, deliciously cooling, refreshing and exhilarating. Considered to be one of the finest floral fragrances, neroli is rather pleasantly haunting and slightly euphorigenic. Its tranquilizing effect on the sympathetic nervous system makes it one of the most effective sedative oils.

    Aromatherapist quality

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    Neroli (5% dilution in grape seed oil) Essential Oil - 10 ml
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