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Arthurian Tarot (Card & Book Set)

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The Complete Arthurian Tarot (Card & Book Set)

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Step into a world of myth and legend...

This brand new collector's edition features the classics Arthurian Tarot deck with a completely revised and updated coursebook, allowing you to acquaint yourself with this rich tarot in greater depth.

Journey into Arthur's kingdom through the twenty-two Greater Powers of the Arthurian realm, together iwth the fifty-six Lesser Powers depicting the landscapes of Logres, the ancient Arthurian kingdom that lies outside of time. The book includes a complete meditation course leading you around the year, with the characters of the Arthurian world as your guides and teachers, along with detailed card meanings, divination methods and a wide selection of consultation spreads.

By following the seasonal quest for the Hallows - the ancient treasures of the Goddess of the Land - you discover the spiritual empowerment of your soul's purpose. Meditate on the suits of Sword, Spear, Grail and Stone to assimilate the teachings of the cards and establish your own access to the realms within the timeless kingdom of King Arthur and his court.

Pack Contains
- 78 Cards
- 240-page Illustrated Guidebook

Dimensions of Cards: 70 x 118 mms

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Arthurian Tarot (Card & Book Set)
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I find sometimes themed decks of difficulty. This deck however carries a certain precious exactness of measure that gives me comfort and gladness. I discover much of familiarity with the images presented, many of which are of places I have visited. The aspect of Arthurian/Celtic legend feels completely resonant to me. Entwined within and around each card lives a deep understanding of the Old Path.
These cards speak of the heritage that belongs to the land and our energy is bound in the land it is part of our being and essence. The images are extremely vibrant and colourful the art work is superb and the scenes depicted carry a dreamlike quality. The cards carry me back places I have walked and sought.
My personal quest and footstep of landscape and stone of mystery is re awakened as distant echo by these beautiful cards.
The cards are for the best part clearly coupled with knowledge of the Rider Waite and therefore easily read,I would give that the little white book is invaluable and makes for interesting reading. I feel this book is extremely welcome indeed this is what marks the offering from the previous edition reversals are shown new spreads and questions to consider.
The deck is a deck of dreams a deck of old energy of rivers trees,mountain and stone and especially of the seasons and her skies.
This is a deck of rare and unique brilliance one that speaks to me in language born of tradition and ancestry. A truly superb deck that lends itself so well to intuitive readings.
5 out of 5 By
Not a review as such as they are a present so I have not opened them. However they look fine and arrived the following day of purchase. Easy to order and a great service.
5 out of 5 By
I have never felt particularly drawn to the Arthurian legends, although I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Mabinogion many years ago as part of my English degree. Having recently bought the Druidcraft Tarot, I was immediately drawn by the shamanic aspects of this Tarot.
Delivery as always was efficient and dependable- the Holistic shop rocks!- and I found myself thoroughly delighted at the effect produced by the cause of following my hunch. The cards are beautifully illustrated and easy to handle. They flowed like water through each manual operation, ensuring that each action was smoothly and seemingly sifted through the agency of my hands. The pack feels good. I also experienced the trickster aspect of the shaman, as several cards appeared to almost hide from my scrutiny, leaving me to mistakenly believe the pack incomplete. The lesson therein is obvious! We can never take our understanding of the Tarot for granted.
The pack has awakened an interest in the Arthurian legends, and it is as if I can appreciate for the first time their depth and complexity.
I love the fact that the Minor Arcana or the Hallows have no human form in them. This invites the reader to enter through the frame's arch into the landscape and experience the cards' meaning for themselves. The traditional meanings are there, but more emphatically so by involving us, with our all too modern perceptions, in their primordial environs. We walk in and are enveloped by the mood and its potential lessons.

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