Incense Ceremony

The incense ceremony plays an important part in Japanese culture and Nippon Kodo produces some incense products that are specifically aimed at being used in incense ceremonies. 

In this category, you’ll find a selection of products, such as Shoko Gasho, Zukoh Premium Incense Powder, Nerikoh Hatsune Incense and Shoko Hyaka that are all perfect for creating your very own ceremony. Of course, as highly fragrant incense products, they’re also most enjoyable to burn and use however you’d like. 

The Incense Ceremony, or Koh-Do, has been at the heart of Japanese culture for centuries and is still widely practiced today. In fact, it’s believed to have been started in the 16th century as a form of game, before evolving into a more formal practice. 

Like the Japanese tea ceremony, Koh-Do is supposed to be performed in a particular way, using certain rules and manners. Essentially it involves burning specially selected fragrant woods, such as kyara, agarwood (jinkoh) and byakudan (sandalwood).

  • Nerikoh Fujibakama Incense (30g)
  • Nerikoh Kurobou Incense (40g)
  • Nerikoh Hatsune Incense (30g)
  • Nerikoh Chiyo-no-Matsu (50g)
  • Shoko Gozan (30g)
  • Shoko Ryoka (30g)
  • Shoko Hyaka (30g)

    Shoko Hyaka (30g)

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  • Shoko Gassho
  • Zukoh Premium Incense Powder (15g)