Vaporising & Diffuser Oils

Vapourising & Diffuser Oils are made from 100% pure concentrated blended essential oils, they contain no other oils to 'pad them out'. These are specifically blend to create a certain mood or ambiance and are ideal for adding to an oil burner to fill a room with its scent or try adding 3-4 drops to a hot bath.

Directions For Use
Make sure you add water to your oil burner first, then we recommend adding 3-5 drops to the burner. If you have a slightly larger oil burner or if you find that the scent isn't strong enough then you can try adding a few more drops.

  • Meditation Vapourising Oil (10ml)
  • Uplifting Vapourising Oil (10ml)
  • Exotic Vapourising Oil (10ml)
  • Calming Vapourising Oil (10ml)
  • Tranquil Vapourising Oil (10ml)
  • Unwind Vapourising Oil (10ml)
  • Sensual Vapourising Oil (10ml)
  • Breathe Vapourising Oil (10ml)
  • Sensual Organic Diffuser Oil (10ml)
  • Christmas Spice Vapourising Oil (10ml)