Naturense Calm Night Japanese Incense (40 Short Sticks)

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Number of sticks: Approximately 40 sticks

Stick length: Approximately 14 cms each

Burn time per stick: About 35 minutes

Country of origin: Made in Japan

More About Nippon Kodo Incense
The Japanese incense company, Nippon Kodo, was founded over four centuries ago and originally began by producing high quality incense for the Emperor of Japan. The company has continued to thrive ever since, now accounting for more than 50% of the entire incense industry in Japan. The company have a great philosophy about the importance of celebrating incense and recognise that, although many people simply love the ability of incense to fragrance a room, for others, their use comes down to spiritual and religious traditions. In fact, Nippon Kodo say that, through the production of their traditional Japanese incense they aim to, ‘cherish the ancient traditions and values’. The ingredients of Nippon Kodo incense are all high quality and are sourced from around the world. Experts help locate and harvest the rare aromatic woods, natural gums, resins and other ingredients used to make their incense. Once acquired, the ingredients are processed by hand, and by machine, in their eight factories in Japan and Hong Kong.

More About Japanese Incense
Japanese incense (speaking in general terms) is refined, pure, light smoke and rich in natural ingredients such as sandalwood. They don't usually have the thin wooden stick centre that is often found in Indian and other incense sticks. They are normally pure incense right the way through the stick. They are often designed with meditation in mind. Due to the high quality manufacturing processes the incense goes through they can be a little bit more expensive than other incense on the market.
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Staff Review by Brett Almond

Right out of the packet you can smell the vetiver (a captivating, male, earthy, pungent aroma) and less so the chamomile, which is more in the background. When you light the incense stick there is a touch of woodiness about the smoke. Overall the scent is neutral and well balanced. By well balanced, I mean it is not going to excite you with an intoxicating floral note or knock you out with a scent that is unfamiliar. I guess their description 'Calm Night' is apt as it does have a gentle yet firm edge which I could imagine would be nice burnt late at night before, hopefully, getting a good night's sleep...

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