Turquoise Navajo Dream Catcher Keyring (1 Inch)

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Handmade Turquoise Navajo Dream Catcher Keyring (1 Inch)

These dream catcher keyrings are handmade on the Navajo Reservation, and are guaranteed to be authentic American Indian Art, Original Design & Craftsmanship. The quality is always excellent, with a soft leather used for the rim, and the web in the center is woven skillfully. 

A genuine product from the Navajo Tribe (purchase will include a Certificate of Authenticity).

Size of Dream Catcher: 1 Inch (3.75 cm) diameter across the hoop.

Country of Origin: USA

More About Dream Catchers
Dream catchers are intended to aid and protect those sleeping below by filtering their dreams. Symbolically the dream catcher allows good dreams to pass through the web and drift down to the sleeper, while bad dreams are said to become hopelessly entangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of dawn. By hanging a dream catcher above your bed, you signal to a deeper part of yourself that you want to remember those dreams that are of use to you. The dream world is a doorway to the subconscious - the inner workings of your life that you are not always aware of. By listening to your dreams you can learn more about yourself. The feathers symbolise air or the breath of life.

When you hang a dream catcher above your bed or around your home or wear a dream catcher as a piece of jewellery you are signalling to a deeper part of yourself that you wish to be more aware of your dreams and aspirations. You wish to 'catch' your dreams and bring them to ground so that they may become a reality. As is also the symbolism of the dream catcher you wish for it to entrap those dreams that are negative and entrap them so they do not manifest. So wear a dream catcher when you wish to bring your good dreams to life and for the bad ones to perish.

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