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Pulse Point Aromatherapy Rollers

These have been created to aid in all of life's little stresses, so whether you're in need of some stress busting, a pick me up or a sleep aid, there's a wide variety of blends to choose from.

We also stock natural fragrance oils & perfume which can be found in our beauty section.

  • Relieve Aromatherapy Roller (10ml)
  • Breathe Aromatherapy Roller (10ml)
  • Cool & Calm CBD Muscle Therapy Roller
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  • Fire & Spice CBD Muscle Therapy Roller
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  • Happy Hemp CBD Herbal Roll-On Oil
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  • Chakra Selection - Pulse Point Roller Ball
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  • Muscle Magic - Pulse Point Roller Ball (10ml)
  • Fresh & Focused - Pulse Point Roller Ball (10ml)
  • Wake Me Up - Pulse Point Roller Ball (10ml)
  • Blissful Sleep Organic Roller Ball Fragrance
  • Sensual Organic Roller Ball Fragrance
  • Clearing & Re-Engergising Organic Roller Ball Fragrance