Native American Products & Gifts

The traditional Native American way of living sees the world as a sacred place, a place where everything has meaning and is connected to a higher purpose. According to Native American beliefs, the earth is our mother and the sky is our father and there is a mutual respect when interacting with nature, such as animals, trees, birds, plants and natural forces, such as wind and rain. 

There are hundreds of different Native American tribes, but one concept common to many is the idea of a medicine wheel, or sacred hoop. The medicine wheel reflects the four directions we can take in life, as well as the father (sky), mother earth and spirit tree and together they symbolise aspects of health and the cycle of life. 

Native American traditions widely include the use of herbs, animal symbolism, smudge sticks, music and artwork and in this section you can purchase many of these items. Whether you feel akin to the spiritual beliefs of Native Americans and like to celebrate the sacred traditions, or if you simply view the items as beautiful gifts, they are all ideal to purchase for yourself or others.