Windchimes & Mobiles

Wind chimes are so-called as they're designed to be hung in your home or garden – when the wind blows, you'll be blessed with the soothing sounds of it chiming and twinkling in the wind. Depending on the individual design, some of the chimes can be soft and delicate, whereas others will be louder. Together the sounds blend effortlessly to produce a magical sound. 

Wind chimes can also be quite tactile – it's hard to resist not touching one as you walk past it. You may want to position a wind chime in a door or window, so you can subtly brush past it or reach out and touch it with your hands when you go past. 

You'll also find a few sun catchers and mobiles in this section too. Hang them in a window to catch the light or spin in the breeze.

  • Large Sun Suncatcher Mobile
  • Half Rainbow Suncatcher Mobile
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