Floral Waters (Hydrolats)

Hydrolats, or hydrosols as they’re also known, are available in a variety of types and have a wide range of uses.

A hydrolat is not an oil, it’s a water, but it contains the dissolved plant extract or essence, and therefore the properties of the plant. In some cases, such as with rose hydrolat, you can detect an element of the rose scent too, but some hydrolats may smell slightly different from the plant they’re derived from or have hardly any aromatic smell. The lack of aroma doesn’t affect its therapeutic properties though.

Hydrolats contain no preservatives, alcohol or colours and are completely natural, which is one of the reasons why they’re so sought after and popular. Sometimes the term hydrosol is used to describe this product, or even flower waters or floral waters, but they essentially mean the same thing.

What Can Water Hydrolats be Used For?
Hydrolats, such as rose water hydrolat, have a multitude of uses, from skin toners and spritzers, to linen refreshers and therapeutic purposes.

Many people choose to use them as a skin toner, to freshen and cleanse the skin and help add water back into dehydrated skin. Most of the manufactured skin toners contain alcohol or other ingredients, so the benefit of rose water hydrolat is that it’s completely pure and natural. It’s ideal for use by anyone that doesn't want to add harsh chemicals to their skin, for those who are sensitive to other ingredients, for those who aren't able to deal with strong smelling skin products or simply by anyone wanting to tone and cleanse their skin in the most natural way.

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