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CD: Tibetan Meditation by Phil Thornton

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Total running time: 65 minutes

One CD
1 Meditation (4.58)
2 A Welcome Return (9.31)
3 The View from the Pass (5.23)
4 Mandala Ascent (6.24)
5 Temple Valley (7.45)
6 Mandala Equilibrium (4.01)
7 Lotus Dance (9.55)
8 Chant of Souls (8.37)
9 Resolution (8.48)

Back of CD says: A distant temple bell sounds, as the unmistakable tones of the ancient tradition of meditational chant resonate, creating an ambience of meditative calm.

Inspired by the very distinctive culture and music of Tibet, Phil Thornton has created an exceptional album that captures the very essence of Tibetan music. As you listen to the sounds of overtone chanting, Tibetan Singing bowls, the Ragdung, Cymbals, Gongs and the Tibetan Thighbone, take time to reflect, explore and discover.

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CD: Tibetan Meditation - Phil Thornton
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Phil Thornton has come up with a masterpiece here. I have some familiarity with Tibetan music and, although I appreciate its meditative quality, I do find some sounds a little spooky. Phil Thornton, however, has brought us an interpretation of Tibetan music that makes use of the tradition chanting sounds, the gongs, the singing bowls, the cymbals etc but brings with it all a more relaxing and interesting sound than I would have expected. It should be noted that the Tibetan feel is still there, the droning sound of the deep chant, for example, but it is tempered with a somewhat lighter touch. The beat is a more typically Western element. The difference is subtle but significant nonetheless. I particularly enjoyed the female voices intermittently appearing through the admixture of instrumentation and chant. There are 9 offerings on this CD of between five and ten minutes in duration and each one is distinctive. It is a superb composition. It will not suit everyone’s needs, it may not be appropriate for many forms of meditation, but it has been of great comfort to me and has helped to heal me during a recent tough time. If you are already familiar with Phil Thornton’s work you will expect something good. With this CD you will not be disappointed.
5 out of 5 By
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This lovely offering by Thornton I have to say is completely resonant with me on a deeply personal level and in this I would allow that it most definitely will not fit with everybody.
Those who are comfy to listen to overtone chant coupled and woven with singing bowls and other traditional Tibetan instruments will discover an intricate and still yet simplistic musical design that as a whole, serves towards a creation of colour and wonder.
I find the swathes of sound allow me to easily step into aspects of meditative dimension visualisations flow as a result and I find stillness and peace within my being.
The whole tone of the music carries much of emotion for me and represents a calling to the mists and temples of Tibet.
I remain, after having heard this disc several times, in total harmony with the energy and vibrancy.
There is such contrast of light and shadow such wonder of sun and moon that the winters and summers seem seek to speak to me. The flute play is as of sun on water the halls of wisdom speak of all that ever can be of mountain and force of nature.
We find in this music a majesty that lives in the forests of the foothills a knowing of privatio a stance of wisdom also that allows the listener to feel the emotion of the sunrise and stand witness to the turning wheel of life.
Such is the power of this music such is the breadth of experience in this that I am fully content to walk in the footsteps of this Tibetan Meditation.
A joyous and extremely powerful piece of music…totally outstanding.

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