Divining Rods

Divining rods

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Dimensions: Rod length 15 inch / 38 cms. Handle length 4 inch / 10 cms

We say: These rods are well made, and rotate freely in absolute balance. The metal rod is made from brass and is solid, and quite long.

It is possible to use two wire coat hangers straightened, mounted into two Bic pen containers or to use a split hazel twig instead of these. You may even wish to experiment with the alternatives before buying these to check whether dowsing is for you.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Divining rods - Instruments for dowsing
Dowsing works on the principal that every living thing has an energetic field. In humans this is often called an aura and in the earth there are ley-lines (energetic pathways running like blood vessels across the globe). When we think of using divining rods for most people the ancient act of divining for water with hazel twigs comes to mind. Divining rods can be used for divining activities such as locating an underground stream or well, the outside edge of someone's aura or locating ley-lines. For some the rods will draw outwards into alignment with the stream or field while others may find the rods cross at these points.


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Divining rods
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Reviews - rated 5/5 based on customer reviews

5 out of 5 By
I have had a set of diving rods for a few years ,if I cant find something in our house I get them out , one thing you have to believe is that they will work , and they do, a good test is to hide something like a set of keys , take a deep breath and relax , pick them up in another room and ask where are my keys, they have never failed me yet.
5 out of 5 By
I loved these, I used them as soon as they came in the post! They are so fab that I picked up on a lot of forces!
4 out of 5 By
I am very placed with how quick it took for my divining rods to come. I ordered them 18:30 on Thurs 18.01.07. They arrrived well packaged on Sat 20.01.07. I couldn't wait to try them out and raced to Ordsall Hall to give them a whirl. The results were not disappointing at all. The price at first seemed a little dear but after looking on other websites I found this was not the case at all. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants some to invest in a pair no matter what you require them for. If you are a keen ghost hunter like myself you won't go far wrong with these in your collection.
5 out of 5 By
Thanks for a very swift delivery, well packaged and of excellent quality. Checked them out straight away and although new to the art of divining they worked perfectly straight away. The rods needed no choke to get them going! Also, excellent value for money.
4 out of 5 By
I am no stranger to dowsing & I have a rather large collection of rods & devices, but I wanted a new set of 'L'-shaped rods. I was not disappointed. If anything I was overjoyed at the quality & the weight of these handmade tools. They are precisely as described: 'Well balanced...etc.' I put them through their paces immediately & they were so well crafted that they surpassed expectations. I would strongly advise anyone who's considering buying a pair of such rods to look no further. Nothing will prove their equal. The scientific attention to the handle mounts & bezels belli their price, and the shop were kind enough to fulfil my request for 'Urgent Delivery' - Thank you Brett.
4 out of 5 By
I've got to say the service I've received off you and Rosie is the best I've ever had from an internet company or any other company I can think of. Rosie sent me my first set of rods through and as mentioned they were both slightly bent to the left side. I imagine this was due to post mishandling. I contacted Rosie and the next day my replacement rods had arrived and before I knew it I was attempting to dowse! I haven't really got a clue how to do it but I've been researching on the net and I seem to be improving. The quality of the rods is very good and the price is good too, on some sites they cost double what yours are and they don't seem to be of a high quality. Thank you for the excellent service I have received and I will definitely be using your company again in the not to distant future.
4 out of 5 By
I have to say I was especially pleased with all my orders from your online shop. The dowsing rods were of great quality and the crystal pendulum (clear quartz) was a lot bigger than I had imagined it would be for the price. All my orders were received within 36 hrs and very well packaged.
5 out of 5 By
I have just recieved my divining rods and was thrilled at the quality of them. I tried them straight away and was amazed at the response that I got from them ! I also bought a clear crystal quartz pendulum and like one of the other reviews was suprised at the size of it.

Extremely good value all round. And such a quick delivery too. Thank you

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