Angel Cards

Original Angel Cards (Cards Only) - 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition

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Pack information: 72 cards with basic information plus 20 bonus stickers
Card dimensions: 21 x 57 mm
Authors: Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake

They say: Angels are inner companions. They help us look at the world in ways that infuse our lives with vitality and assist us to experience the deepest levels of understanding, creativity and caring. Invite an Angel into your day.

The Angel Cards are one of the most powerful ways to connect with the Angels. Each angel card quality evokes your intuitive abilities and renews your spiritual connection.

We say: This is an expanded version of the original angels cards and has 20 new cards, along with 20 stickers. The set comes in a sturdy flip top box which is great for selecting or storing your cards. There is also a handy carrying cardboard case, which snuggly fits the cards and is small enough to pop in your pocket or handbag and not take up much space. Each of these small glossy cards features a simple word such as 'Truth' or 'Understanding' along with a tiny hand-drawn picture of an angel representing that word. It may be the simplicity of these cards that has made them so popular over the years. You are advised to sit quietly, inviting an angel to join you. Then, when you are ready, open your eyes and pick a card to provide illumination regarding the obstacle you need to overcome or the direction you need to take.

The original cards that spawned a generation of different angel card decks. I have known some people more recently be disappointed with them though. That is mainly because they are so small or they find the pictures just too simplistic. In many ways they have been surpassed by other decks such as Healing with the Angels and Messages from you Angels that even though a bit more expensive, may offer a bit more card for your money. Others though still love the original Angel Cards dearly.

I feel these angel cards are best used when put in a bowl or bag to pick one whenever you feel the urge. You look at it, you get some input, you ponder on it, and you can go on with your tasks. They also are great to use in groups, or workshops, or counselling where an extra bit of input is needed. I feel many though will wish for bigger cards with better pictures on for proper readings. If you choose this deck, please be aware of how very small the cards are (21x57mm each).

What Holisticshop staff think

"These pocket size cards are of good quality card and pack neatly into the purpose made case, they can be stored in the study flip top box for safe keeping, or they can be kept in an Angel Card Holder for daily use."

By Jane Bell

Dictionary Terms Explained

Angel Cards
Angel Cards do not conform to any one particular system so therefore the number of cards in a deck can vary. Most have pictures and some, like the Angels of Light cards do not. Angel cards give angelic wisdom and help give more clarity and input into our lives. The "Original Angel Cards" are the cards that are thought to have given popularity to angel cards back in 1978 with the start of the Transformation Game at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Since that time there have been many angel card decks produced. Some of the most popular are by Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper and also the Original Angel Cards.

To find out more read:
Working with Angel Cards


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Original Angel Cards (Cards Only) - 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition
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What Holisticshop staff think

"These pocket size cards are of good quality card and pack neatly into the purpose made case, they can be stored in the study flip top box for safe keeping, or they can be kept in an Angel Card Holder for daily use."

By Jane Bell

Reviews - rated 5/5 based on customer reviews

5 out of 5 By
Very impressed with speedy delivery only ordered them on Monday afternoon and they arrived Tuesday morning! Also pleased to learn that you use packaging that is able to be fully recycled. Have bought the product previously for myself and it has proved so popular with friends and family that these ones are for a gift. I also have the book so can use them for meditations, but usually the're just kept in a pot on a shelf so they can be picked at will. Would definately recommend this product, thank you.
4 out of 5 By
First of all I would like to say how pleased I am with the quick delivery by holisticshop. I only ordered these cards 2 days ago and that was on a weekend. Thanks!

Right, on to the cards I have just received then, I absolutely adore them! But I am an angel card enthusiast so I would!

I have many angel cards, the majority by Doreen Virtue which are extremely beautiful and large. There is always an interpretation with the Doreen Virtue ones, but with the original angel cards you can just buy them like I have with no additional book and interpretation.(Although there is a set with a book or you can buy the book alone).

The cards are really small and have one word on them such as communication, truth, responsibility, support etc. All the cards also have a colourful picture of an angel on them and the reverse of all the cards are silver with an angel on.

There are also some additional cards with this pack to make yourself and you will find these if you lift all the packaging out of the box. I wanted these cards so that when I do an angel card reading for either myself or a friend, they can be used as extra guidance to keep in mind for that day.

Some people don't always want or need an angel reading like the Doreen Virtue cards but sometimes just need a little reassurance, which these cards are ideal for. Infact, one word is ample enough sometimes and can speak volumes.

You could put your cards in a drawstring bag and mix them up for people to choose or turn them upside down and fan them out. Alternatively, you could just store them......more
5 out of 5 By
I had the original set and even though I have many other sets of angel cards, I always come back to these, so couldn't resist a new set with 20 extra cards in. I was a bit concerned if quality wouldn't be as good, not so, just the same and more. Highly recommended.

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