Kazedayori Incense

Kazedayori is a Japanese incense product range produced by Nippon Kodo. There are currently four products in the range and the fragrances are all inspired by the meteorological seasons of the year. 

The four low smoke incense products and their fragrances are:

Spring – scented with Bulgarian rose

Summer – scented with lotus

Autumn – scented with oak moss

Winter – scented with narcissus

The name Kazedayori fits into the meteorological theme, and it translates into English as meaning, “news from the wind.” The incense comes in boxes with beautiful floral designs on, with each one individually designed to represent the season.

  • Kazedayori Winter Incense (360 Sticks)
  • Kazedayori Autumn Incense (360 Sticks)
  • Kazedayori Summer Incense (360 Sticks)
  • Kazedayori Spring Incense (360 Sticks)