Hana no Hana Incense

Hana no Hana incense is a fusión of Eastern and Western floral fragrances and is a brand of incense made in Japan by Nippon Kodo. 

Hana no Hana incense was first created back in 1911 by master incense maker, Yujiro Kito, in Japan’s Meiji Era. He combined traditional Japanese incense making techniques with the culture of Western perfume to create some unique blends of incense. Some people say that Hana no Hana incense laid the foundation for today’s modern love of floral incense. 

Hana no Hana is one of the products that have both standard and premium quality options. The premium Hana no Hana incense provides a deeper and longer lasting aroma, plus it comes packaged in a paulownia wood box with designs illustrated by Japanese painter Shinsui Itoh.

Nippon Kodo suggests that one of the best ways to enjoy the Hana no Hana incense is to burn the incense first, then enjoy the ‘nokoriga’, or scent that lingers in the air after the incense has burned. This can provide a more delicate and gentle floral fragrance.