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Interview with Doreen Virtue

By Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. is a fourth-generation metaphysician, a lifelong clairvoyant, and a doctor of psychology. She's the author of many books about angels and mind-body-spirit issues, including the best-selling Healing with the Angels oracle cards. Doreen Virtue has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, including Oprah and CNN.

The questions for this interview have been posed by Holisticshop customers.


I'd like to know if Angels have any other favourite methods of saying "Hi" other than feathers... Julie Turvey

A: Yes, they have many signs to let us know that they’re with us. Here are just a few:

  • Dropping coins on the pavement
  • Hearing our voice called or music playing, from out of nowhere
  • Smelling flowers, when none are around
  • Seeing number sequences (like 111 or 444) frequently
  • Hearing a song on the radio with special lyrics or significance to you
  • Feeling a loving presence next to you
  • Seeing flashing or sparkling lights
  • A sudden feeling of warm love in your heart

I would like to know if you have certain angels assigned to you like you do with spirit guides and also if you just put out a general contact wish do the angels then decide which one/s would be most appropriate to answer? Wendy Lou

A: You’re born with at least two guardian angels who stay with your throughout life. Other angels come and go, as life events call for them (such as relationships, career change, having a child, moving to a new residence, etc.). You can ask for additional angels, and I believe this is a good idea, as the more angels who are with you, the more positive your outlook and energy becomes. They also act like a castle mote protecting you from negativity.

When you ask for angels, the Universal Law of Attraction automatically attracts the best angels to your side, according to those angels’ specialties (i.e., romance, finances, health, family, etc.) and your needs at the time. You can also call on specific angels and archangels, and they will answer your call.

Do the angels we are assigned change as we develop, or stay with us all the way through? Steve Woodford

A: Our two primary guardian angels are always with us, and other angels come and go as we need them, or as we call upon them, throughout our lives. We are never alone, when it comes to angels.

When you say that you can mix and match your packs of cards. Do you have a particular combination of cards that you prefer best? Nigel (AKA The Hermit)

A: HI Nigel, and I understand being a hermit. It usually means that you are quite sensitive to energy and must be very discerning about where and with whom you spend your time. Be sure to visualize surrounding yourself with pink light when you leave your home. Pink light is permeable, and allows only loving energy in and out of it. All other energy is blocked out. Pink light shielding fades after a few hours, so it needs to be re-invoked regularly.

Regarding mixing and matching the card decks, I find that they all work well together. Sometimes, the fairies (of the Healing with the Fairies deck) are very outspoken, and they get right to the point with their advice! So, they often mix best with the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, as the mermaids and dolphins have combination of elemental and angelic energies.

The two decks of angel cards (Healing with the Angels and Messages from Your Angels) work really well when they’re shuffled together. The new Archangels Oracle Cards will work well with the other angel deck, when they’re published this spring. The more decks you work with, the greater detail and validation you get during a card reading.

I’d like to know if you ever use your own cards, or if it is a bit like an actor not watching their own movies? And also do you have any favourite divination or Tarot card decks by other people? Brett Almond, Founder,

A: Hi Brett, yes, I do use my own decks quite a bit. I have them on my altar right next to my bedroom, so they’re readily available as I’m walking in and out of that room in my home. My favourite deck is “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins,” as I feel such a kinship with the inhabitants of the ocean. I find that deck to be especially accurate and magical.

I’ve worked with many other decks by other authors, as well. I sometimes work with Angel Tarot decks to supplement my readings. Tarot is very ancient, powerful, and accurate (but sometimes feared and misunderstood, and is one reason why I created my decks. They’re based upon Tarot, but without any images that could be possibly frightening).

I am very aware that people in your position are becoming like spiritual celebrities in your own right. How do you cope with the adulation that must come your way? Brett Almond, Founder,

A: I always say to people that I’m just like everyone else, except that my brush with death (in July 1995 when an angel saved my life during an armed car-jacking) made me into a super good listener! I’ve been really intent on listening to, and following, my Divine guidance and it’s led me to some amazingly wonderful experiences. My work isn’t about elevating me in any way. To do so would put me in my ego, and that would interrupt my connection to my higher self and the angels. It’s all about serving God, the Light, the Love, and my Divine mission. My mission is chiefly two-fold:

1. To teach that angels are real, and help people to hear and trust their angels’ messages.

2. To motivate potential spiritual healers and teachers to overcome their fears and insecurities, and use their teaching and healing skills to help others.

Like most lightworkers, I’m highly sensitive, so I’m selective on where I go. I have some wonderful friends, great family members, and an amazing soulmate husband (Dr. Steven Farmer), so I’m surrounded by loving people who know me as, “Doreen,” and not as “Dr. Doreen Virtue” if you know what I mean. I also take extremely good care of my physical body, such as eating only vegan foods, avoiding chemicals of all type, and exercising daily.

How do you reconcile your actions with the stance of the churches which say we should not involve ourselves in these types of activities? I believe some Bishops wear amethyst jewellery so there seems to be some ambiguity or even hypocrisy here? Regards, Gary Elliott

A: Many people are afraid of spiritual power. History books are filled with accounts of persecution based upon clashing religious and spiritual beliefs. Some churches wish to keep all of the power for themselves. They’re afraid that if people knew how powerful they really are, that they wouldn’t need (and financially support) the churches any more.

Everything’s either fear or love. I have great compassion for anyone who’s afraid, including religious organizations. We must simply live in such a way as to be role models for living a life of Divine love. Fighting fear with fear simply makes things worse.

I choose to keep my mind focused upon Love and Light, and not dwell upon situations involving darkness and fear. Great spiritual texts (like the gospels in the Bible and the Kaballah) say that we shouldn’t waste our time and energy trying to convert or convince people about our beliefs. To me, sceptics are simply people who haven’t yet had (or acknowledged having had) an angel experience yet.

Sometimes when I, or someone else, is shuffling my deck of Angel Cards, one card jumps or falls out of the pack onto the floor. It is invariably exactly the right one! Do you have any comments to make on this phenomenon? Laura Brown

A: Yes, that’s another magical way that our angels speak to us. When one or more cards jump out of the deck, set the jumping card(s) aside with the pictures facing up. The jumping cards are a definite message that augments and validates the other cards that you draw during your reading. Pay extra attention to jumping cards, as it sounds like you’ve already discerned.

Does it make any difference to Angels when you die? Does it affect them if you are cremated or buried, and also if a death is sudden are they present at this time? (PS I love your books) - Colin Mills

A: Based upon my giving thousands of mediumship sessions, and talking about this topic with countless deceased people, here’s the answer I’ve accepted as the truth: you have pre-selected the dates of your death prior to your incarnation. You cannot die until those dates arrive. You can, however, hurt your body and THAT'S one of the things that angels protect you from. I also believe that you can renegotiate your date of death if you decide to stay on earth longer. Just have a heart-to-heart talk with the Creator and the angels, and express your sincere desire to live a long and healthy life, and they’ll help you with this.

It doesn’t matter spiritually how the body is handled after death, as the soul is freed from the body at the moment of death. The angels are always present during the time of death, whether it’s sudden or drawn-out. And thank you for your kind words, Colin!

Does everyone have guardian angels or only if you believe in them? How do we know they really exist and are not just something loopy people think they have seen (me). Can you be an angel yourself and not know it? Can someone you know who you were close to and has died be your angel or are we just trying to hang on to people? Mrs. Bowyer

A: HI, I’ll answer your questions one by one:

1.Yes, everyone whom I’ve ever seen (as a lifelong clairvoyant) has guardian angels, regardless if they believe or not. Many people obviously don’t listen to their angels, or we wouldn’t have cruelty in the world. Yet, the angels are there, loving everyone unconditionally, and trying to help us all to be more peaceful and happier.
2. You know angels are with you, when you have experiences that can’t be otherwise explained. You also know it in your heart to be true. And you know angels by the evidence of the miracles, guidance, and assistance which they bring to us.
3. There are incarnated angels on this planet, yes. (I wrote about this in my books, Earth Angels and also Healing with the Angels). Hebrews 13 talks about this when Paul says, “Be careful when entertaining strangers, for by so doing, many have entertained angels unaware.” Often, I’ve found that incarnated angels aren’t consciously aware of their angelic roots.
4. A deceased loved one can act angelically and definitely help us like angels do, but technically in the study of angels (called, “Angelology”), that person is called a “Spirit Guide.” That’s because departed loved ones still have egos (lower selves), while angels are celestial beings who are pure and without egos.

I have your Messages from your Angels cards and find them wonderfully accurate, how can I develop and become more attuned to the angels around me? Shaune Mather, West Midlands

A: Thank you for your kind words, Shaune, and I’m so glad that you desire to become more in tune with the angels! Simply by holding that intention, you become better able to discern the angels’ presence and their messages. Just don’t struggle or strain to make it happen. Any time we struggle, we go into our egos. This doesn’t repel angels; it just makes it more difficult to hear, feel, and see them. Keep asking the angels, “How can I better hear, see, and feel you?” and they’ll guide you along this process.

From books I have read and people I have spoken to I believe I am one of the Earth Angels. However, I don't seem to have done anything worthwhile to help others and don't really understand what I should be doing. Surely, if I am one, I should be here for an important reason. Would you have any idea what that might be and when I might feel as though I should be doing something (am 42 now). Another question is....if I am an Earth Angel, when I die do I then go back to being an angel? Michele from Surrey

A: Michele, the angels show me that you have a natural healing ability, related to your talents in listening very well (with your heart and your ears) to people who are having troubles. You have counselling skills, and you channel answers to people whom you help. You can help people without having it be your formal profession. Helping your friends and family member, and praying for the earth is a tremendously important contribution! I feel that you are also healing a past-life where you were persecuted for being a Lightworker, and that you will emerge within the next five to ten years, with clarity about the form that your life’s work is to take. Forty-two isn’t that old, Michele. Remember that Louise L. Hay (my publisher, mentor, and author of “You Can Heal Your Life”) didn’t get started on her healing and writing career until she was in her late forties. Now, she’s in her seventies and still going strong!

Interview ends.

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Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist who works with the angelic realm. A clairvoyant since childhood, Doreen teaches people practical ways to work with the Angels to heal their lives. She has appeared on countless TV talk shows in the US, where she is frequently referred to as 'The Angel Lady.' Dr Virtue gives angel readings at workshops throughout the world; and she teaches audience members how to see, hear, feel, and know their guardian angels.

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