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The Wheel of the Wiccan Year by Gail Duff

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Information: 213 pages, paperback

They say: Each season possesses a special magic reflected in the turning of the leaves and the movement of the skies. The spiritual path of Wicca celebrates this natural rhythm of the year with eight wonderful festivals. From the mystery of October's Samhain, through the playfulness of Beltane in May, to the fruitfulness of the Autumn Equinox, the festivals draw upon time-honoured traditions, ancient wisdom and magical means to bring us closer to the natural world. In this beautiful guide, you will discover:

. The use of spells, songs and chants, affirmations and meditations.

. Simple yet powerful rituals for the solitary practitioner and for group celebrations.

. Recipes for ritual incense, cakes and wine Seasonal festivals have always been an essential part of life.

. Detailed descriptions of the individual festivals and how they relate to the natural world and to our own lives.

The Wheel of the Wiccan Year offers practical suggestions for rediscovering them and for enriching our own lives by living and celebrating in harmony with the natural cycle of the year.

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The Wheel of the Wiccan Year - Gail Duff
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A lovely informative book, written in a clear, easy style, with some very nice illustrations. It's written by a practising Wiccan who is obviously keen to keep the traditional roots of Paganism alive and kicking. To my mind, this is a welcome change from some of the more 'fluffy' Wiccan books around! It begins with a brief introduction to the elements of Wicca, but by no means gets bogged down in lengthy descriptions. What this book focuses on is the ritual aspects of marking each season, and even if you're not into ritual, this book offers ideas of how to celebrate the seasons in a natural way, thereby bringing their own unique magick into your life. In it, you will find the origins of traditions and customs, recipes for incense and cakes, and suggested wording of rituals. This is a good book for solitaries and groups alike, and in my opinion, would also make an excellent gift for a child being brought up into the Pagan way of life. It is a book to dip into and take from it what you will to help you re-connect to Mother Earth, her seasons, and her magick.<br />
4 out of 5 By
This book celebrates the 8 major Wicca festivals that take place during the year. The origins and meanings of each festival are clearly explained, as are the traditional customs associated with them. Recipes, meditations and rituals are also included for each occassion.The author also covers how to celebrate the festivals if you are on your own, as well as for groups of people.

It's not in the slightest bit prescriptive, unlike some books on the subject, and gives plenty of pointers for individualising celebrations. Works well as a book to dip into to give inspiration for celebrations.

Its a well written book, full of information but not dry & dusty and the author obviously knows and loves her subject matter.

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