The Real Witches Kitchen by Kate West

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They say: Traditionally, much of the work of the Witch took place in, or originated from, the hearth: from making teas and soups to heal the body and ease the mind, to crafting candles and incense to honor the Gods. Today's hearth is the kitchen, and for many Witches it is the place where they create the recipes and tools of their trade, whether these be lotions and potions to help bodily ills to crafting gifts for friends and family. The Real Witches' Kitchen is full of ideas for eating, drinking, and making merry for each of the eight seasonal festivals of the Witches' year. Kate West gives practical advice on ways of enriching and expanding your Craft experience, including tips on eating and diet, and ways of improving your looks without ruining your bank balance! She provides 100 spells and recipes for: Oils, lotions and ointments for Magical purposes, and to relieve and heal. Soaps and bathing distillations for Circle work and Magical undertakings. Sabbat foods and wines to celebrate the Wheel of the Year. Herbal remedies to be given to those seeking protection, healing, confidence, or any of the other problems a Witch is called upon to solve.

Kate West has been a practicing Witch for nearly thirty years. She is High Priestess of the Hearth of Hecate and has been Vice President and Media. Co-ordinator of The Pagan federation, She is the respected author of The Real Witches handbook and a popular speaker on the Craft.

Information: 206 pages, paperback

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  • 5
    Widely Useful Book

    Posted by T Long on 1st Mar 2006

    This book is crammed full of useful recipes for soups, teas, incense etc. I bought this book for my friend and have found it to be indispensable. Now I am buying it for myself. We can't put it down!

  • 4
    DO Judge This by Its Cover

    Posted by C. Penman on 27th Jan 2005

    This thankfully is one of those occasions where you can judge a book by its cover. It is bright, fun and enthusiastic and inside this is combined with a no-nonsense approach and useful advice. What I particularly like about it is that it doesn't set Witchcraft apart from everyday life, it includes it and in no better place than the hub of the home, the kitchen. The introduction is careful to point out that things are not going to be any less effective because you create them in your own kitchen, with a modern cooker, rather than in the woods at night. Witches in the past had to work furtively and without mod-cons because of the times, not because it makes better magic.

    This book not only contains some wonderful recipes for feasting around the Wheel of the Year, including Chocolate Brownies, which seem to come with their own 'disappearing spell', there's also soups and foods to strengthen and heal and brews and teas to try out. For anyone who thinks that it's just a cookery book with a fancy name, well, you couldn't be further from the reality. It has guidelines for buying and storing herbs and plants, recipes for soaps and bath oils, lotions, herb sachets and gifts plus some useful tips to get you started in candle and incense making and all this is imbued with a true sense of 'The Craft'. It's a good book, not too heavy on the Witchcraft side, but a great companion to 'The Real Witches' Handbook', a more in depth study of Witchcraft, also by Kate West.