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250g Bag of Rainbow Chips Mix

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This is a 250 gram (quarter of a kilo, or just over half a pound) bag of extra small tumblestones. This is a mixture of many, many different kinds of stones. The type of crystals in each bag may differ in a random way, but you will always get a wide variety. Crystals often included are amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, blue lace agate, other kinds of agate, red jasper, aventurine, carnelian, golden tigers eye, red tigers eye, lapis etc etc.

Rainbow mix like this can be used for putting around the base of plants, decoration in a bowl, bowls with floating candles or really anything you can think of.

The picture shows the bag as you will receive it. The stones in front of the bag is another bag opened up and tipped out.

You should always be careful about having these mixtures around young children as they do look a bit like sweets.


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250g Bag of Rainbow Chips Mix
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Reviews - rated 5/5 based on customer reviews

5 out of 5 By
Fast delivery.. love the crystals, well packaged & great assortment.
5 out of 5 By
Bought these just before 3pm on the Thursday,and they arrived Friday morning-amazing! They are really pretty and are easy to add to charm bottles to use for a boost during the day.Thank you Charlotte for such a quick delivery.
5 out of 5 By
excellent, small colourful & shiny.
5 out of 5 By
Excellent. These are good quality chips, a good size and plenty of variety.
5 out of 5 By
Have since got many more bags of these chips, in every room of our new bungalow, they are wonderful, look decorative in all rooms. Fast delivery many thanks.
5 out of 5 By
I was feeling particularly high one day, spaced out, so I plunged all my fingertips into the bowl of crystal chips, mixed with lavender and rosepetals from my garden, I received a calming feeling, and genuinely felt better, consequently have ordered more bags to fill my bowl up to the brim... many thanks!
5 out of 5 By
Placed in a clear glass dish, this product has not only made attractive display to my coffee table but has also brought a sense of calm to my home, visitors often comment on how beautiful and unusual the 'Rainbow Chip Mix' of crystals look and I wholeheartedly agree with them, hense I positively recommend this product, to others

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