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Lucky Dip - 4 Random Crystals (Seconds, Rejects & Orphan Crystals)

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Crystal Lucky Dip - Includes 4 Random Crystals (Seconds, Rejects & Orphans)

Every year we round up all our little orphan crystals, the poor little rejects and crystals with no home to go to :( and we put them up for adoption!

Then even the lonely ones, and we'll say it quietly so they cannot hear (the ones that some think are ugly) can be happy again and live out the rest of their lives with someone who will care for them. We find these selections tend to sell very quickly.

This product consists of four crystals picked at random. Each crystal has been rejected as being sold as a “first” for some reason. The photos above are really to give a very vague idea. You could get any kind of crystal of any kind of shape depending what we have in at the time. There will be a couple of smaller crystals and a couple of maybe slightly bigger.

Please Note: Some lucky dips may have similar crystals in them, depending on what we have. If you order say 3 packs of lucky dip in one go we will try to make them as different as we can. If however you come back at a later date to order more it is possible you could get one or two duplicates.

Why A Crystal Might Be in the Lucky Dip:

Miscolouring - the crystal doesn’t look like all the others in certain range. (Many people like these as they are unique, but we don’t sell as normal as we like to sell things that look like the picture).
Surface markings or small chips – the product may have some rough patches on the surface or natural dents or minor chips.
Misshapen – a carved crystal, such as say a palmstone or egg, is not carved perfectly.
Too big or too small – sometimes we have a range of a certain size and we can get the odd crystal that is bigger or smaller than the norm. In that case sometimes we may just sell off as part of this batch rather than start a new listing for just one or two items.

Basically speaking the four crystals you get will consist of seconds and misfits. You are of course covered by our normal money back guarantee.

If we are out of stock right now just click the "Notify me when back in stock button" and this will send you an automated email when the adoption process starts.


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Sorry, our lucky dips are now out of stock! We sold out in a record 45 minutes! Check back with us again next year when we've rounded up some more crystals.

Lucky Dip - 4 Random Crystals (Seconds, Rejects & Orphan Crystals)
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Reviews - rated 5/5 based on customer reviews

5 out of 5 By

Just wanted to say THANKYOU for the unbelievable lucky dip I received this morning!
The selenite candle holder is absolutely beautiful!!! Strangely enough I had been looking for a gemstone tealight holder for some time and had looked at several but couldn't make up my mind, obviously because this one was on it's way! It's so lovely I had to check on the site that you could actually burn tealights in it!
The little crystal angel phone/handbag charm I will give to my daughter to protect her as she travels home very late at night from her job, and the other two crystals are always very welcome. I have had three lucky dips this year and all of them have been awesome, this last one is exceptional. I was tempted to order another one but I musn't be greedy, let some other person have this very welcome offer, I will order again next time.
Thankyou and blessings
5 out of 5 By
Just received my order today and I am well and truly impressed with my lucky dips!! I ordered two of them (wish I'd ordered more now!) and couldn't wait to get into the bag to see what little beauties had come my way. Well LITTLE beauties my foot :) I received 2 green aventurine, 1 clear quartz and 1 banded amethyst tumblestone, a clear quartz vosel wand, a beautifully coloured opalite wand, an adorable red goldstone cat... and rummaging around in my huge jiffy bag (I did order rather a lot in one go!) a rather large and extremely heavy Selenite candle holder!!! Well to say I was a little shocked is an understatement. It's a beautiful item and one I was certainly not expecting to find in my lucky dip. No wonder my poor postman looked a bit haggered, I wouldn't have fancied carrying my parcel around either! I will most definitely be buying some more lucky dips in the next month or so and would recommend them to anyone.
5 out of 5 By
Just received my lucky dips and I'm so pleased. From the reviews I expected two more 'substantial' items & two tumblestones in each dip and that's exactly what came. I brought three and got two that were pretty much identical in their 'main' item contents (a selenite palmstone and a large rough amethyst point) but they are so lovely I'm so happy I got three. Overall wonderful idea and lovely surprises =)
5 out of 5 By
I have ordered the lucky dips before and it has always been very lovely crystals that have arrived. It doesn't come around often enough for me! Generally I am cautious of ordering too much incase I get things like the chipped style elastic bracelets which are lovely but being larger, with big wrists,just have huge gaps on me so I have to pass them on (reluctantly) but this has only ever happened once and the recipient was delighted to receive it. I wasn't so pleased at having to part with it though as when it comes to the lucky dips I am kinda greedy! what's mine is mine LOL. I have ordered again and I am not disappointed, another 2 sets of lovely stones....making me want more as waited a long time for another lucky dip to come my way! Thanks Holistic Shop. Excellent service
5 out of 5 By
Extremely quick delivery, Ordered Wednesday morning and arrived Thursday. I was so excited at what could be in my lucky dips, I was not disappointed, And an absolute Gem of an unknown tumble stone- discovered to be a rare one. I am truly grateful to you for such wonderful quality service and items. Thank you
5 out of 5 By
I placed my order on Thursday night, and received it Saturday morning, my Lucky Dip contained, a very nice Amethyst Point, a tumble stone, a good sized Geode and just what I needed, A Clear Quart's Pendulum. I feel very Happy With all I have received, Brightest Blessing's.
5 out of 5 By
Received my 3 lucky dip bags. what a wonderful surprise I had when I opened the parcel. Various tumbled stones, two lovely discs, two hearts, a great bracelet, a gold stone cat, and a fantastic selenite sphere. I can't wait to place my next order in a few weeks time, for more surprises.
5 out of 5 By
Placed order wednesday afternoon received very quickly (Fri morning) chose this item along with other items too I MUST SAY how impressed I am with my lucky dip definately worth every penny along with my other items great products great service keep it up guys. Thankyou
5 out of 5 By
Just received my lucky dips and they are amazing - just what I need at the moment too. The kids love them too and now want one each next time I order some more. Great delivery too. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5 By
I have ordered a lucky dip a few times and have always been really pleased, I was not let down when I received my lucky dip yesterday. Wonderful items as always. Thanks all.

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