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CD: Pure Tranquility by Stephen Rhodes

    Product Information

    Total running time: 62 minutes

    One CD
    1 Pathway to Solitude (10.08)
    2 Arise (9.06)
    3 Ocean Fantasy (9.56)
    4 The Eternal Essence (8.32)
    5 Romance in C (8.53)
    6 Time Stood Still (7.46)
    7 Daybreak (8.00)

    Back of CD says: Without causing a ripple, Stephen Rhodes Pure Tranquillity lifts us up and carries us away on delicate clear melodies of music.

    Written by Stephen Rhodes and performed and engineered in his own studio, Pure Tranquillity is a work inspired by the beauty of nature and the inner spirit. Stephen's music takes us beyond our own world into wide open spaces where infinity stretches before us and we can approach to with a sense of inner strength and calm. Relax and listen and let Stephen's music carry you away.

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    CD: Pure Tranquility - Stephen Rhodes
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    This CD is perfect for relaxation and for helping to relieve insomnia. Its mellow tones and soft notes easily bring about a feeling of inner peace. Combined with burning some lavender incense, this CD will take away the pressures and stress of everyday living.

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