Tarot of a Moon Garden Cards


On the Box: Follow the moonlit path to an enchanted garden where myth and magic illuminate the mysteries of tarot. Let the lunar energy of the Moon Garden inspire you as you explore the places your imagination will lead you.

A mystical world inhabited by butterflies, dolphins, unicorns, dragons, exotic birds and magic figures. Whimsical and full colour, this deck depicts an enchanted garden with exotic flowers, castles and hot air balloons.

An Excerpt from the Booklet 
"In literature, creative minds such as Milton, Poe, Wells and Verne have speculated about the enchanted terrain one might encounter on the moon. They describe whimsical creatures, such as unicorns and dragons, inhabiting lush jungles of vegetation that grow to incredible heights in a single lunar day. Deep valleys undulate across the entire surface of the moon and castles sit atop lofty mountains. Beneath this lunar Garden of Eden lies an underground world of deep, mysterious caverns where insects of iridescent colours possessing magical powers flutter among exotic lunar flowers. The seas contain creatures ranging from serpents to dolphins. Flying chariots of all descriptions and hot air balloons are said to be used to gain access to the lunar realm.

From these magical images, the whimsical symbols used in the The Tarot of a Moon Garden have emerged. The dragonfly forms the hilt of the suit of swords. Unicorns act as guides through the wonderland of the lunar landscape. Dragons indicate areas of transformation and warn of temptation. Butterflies hover near wild mushrooms and lush ferns in the dense lunar forests. Hot air balloons are sometimes sighted in the gardens of the moon bringing visitors from other worlds. Castles serve as welcome hospitality to those seeking shelter. Beneficent angels and playful fairies offer guidance and camaraderie as the seeker journeys through the experiences of the Major and Minor Arcana cards of the Tarot. Dolphins inhabit the sapphire depths of the lunar seas acting as helpful messengers for those who quest with a pure heart. The moon herself appears in many cards, representing the triple goddess, maiden, mother, and crone in her waxing, full, and waning faces using the borrowed light of the sun to shed her moonlight upon her creations."

Authors: Illustrated by Karen Marie Sweikhardt. 

Pack Information: 78 cards with a small 23 page booklet.

Size of Cards: 70 x 120 mm

Are the Minor Arcana cards Individually Illustrated? Yes

Staff Review by Brett Almond

On first impression this deck reminds me of imagery used in films such as Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. It is a world of fantasy. It does take some getting used to all the unicorns and dragonflies etc. but gradually you do get drawn into that alternate reality. So this deck may suit those looking for a deck to free their imagination, a deck that lets the mind wander. If reading for other people, I think it is a deck that will provoke much interest. As it is quite fantastical in nature you may need to give consideration to relating the cards back to the real life of the person you are reading for. These cards are very well painted with obvious care and great thought. Some beginners may find them a little tricky to relate to.

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