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Mermaids Tarot - CARDS

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Pack information: 78 cards with booklet
Card dimensions: 70 x 120 mm
Author: Pietro Alligo & Mauro De Luca

They say: In the Greek tradition mermaids are nymphs of the sea, children of Melpomene, the Muse of tragedy, and the river god Achelous, and were friends of Persephone. When the latter was kidnapped by Hades and brought into his infernal kingdom, the gods gave the mermaids wings so that they could go search for her.

The mermaids therefore became beings who were half woman, half bird. They inhabited an island between Scylla and the land of the magician, Circe, and when sailors passed nearby, the seafarers were so enchanted by their calls that they often shipwrecked. This is why when Ulysses passed near them, he plugged the ears of his men with wax and, not wanting to personally renounce hearing the melodious songs of the sea creatures, he had himself tied the ship's mast. Seeing that the king of Ithaca remained indifferent to their calls, the mermaids threw themselves into the sea, transforming themselves into rocks. This is what classical mythology reports, but the mermaid myth - like that of the Tritons, their male equivalent - is even older and can be dated back to the god of the Babylonians, Oannes, a deity with the tail of a fish who during the night lived in the sea and during the day came to land to infuse men with knowledge. A similar god, called Dogon, belongs to the Philistine tradition as well. Whereas in Greek myth the mermaids devoured sailors who had the misfortune of wrecking their ships on their shores, during the Middle Ages they were seductresses at the service of the Devil and are depicted with long hair, a symbol of their lust. These creatures belong to the most diverse cultures. In the Persian Gulf, tales are told about Debra Kahn, a merman who yells out false commands to the ears of helmsmen during storms. In the popular fairy tale of northern Italy, we find ethereal feminine beings called 'Melusine' or Anguane' with the tails of snakes who live in ponds and swamps.

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Tarot Cards
The Tarot is a specific system that has 78 cards in total. There are 4 suits (referred to as the minor arcana) and 22 other cards (referred to as the major arcana). Each card represents a specific energy. And each card, through the picture on the card, is trying to help you to feel the specific energy of that card. The reason there are so many different kinds of Tarot decks is that Different Tarot decks may present this energy in different pictorial form. We have lots of articles on Tarot.

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Mermaids Tarot - CARDS
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The artwork on these Tarot cards is really enchanting. There's something about them that feels very calm and serene, and that makes even the most unwanted card in a reading seem almost appealing in some way. Each Minor Arcana suit is given its own colour i.e. the Shell suit (which replaces the Chalices suit) are purplish-blue and the Oars suit (which replaces the Wands suit) are reddish-brown. Also, many of the male figures are replaced by female figures/mermaids, for example the Hanged Man, or any of the Knave and Knight figures. I think this makes for a very feminine feel to the cards. There's not much in the way of instruction included, so I don't think they would ideally suit a complete novice. However, they are inspired by the Rider-Waite version and the artwork closely resembles this with only a few small differences here and there. From a personal point of view I find them much more pleasing to read than the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot because they are so beautiful to look at and because they feel so appealing. There's definitely something very magical about mermaids that leaves you feeling virtually spellbound.

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