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Cedar leaf (1 oz / 28 grams)

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    Cedar Leaf is native to North America, traditionally used for cleansing of the aura. It can be kept in a bowl for its aroma or can be burnt - this is most effective with charcoal.

    They Say: Most loose herbs can be ignited by applying flame directly to the herbs and blowing on the lit area. Herbs and Resins may also be lit with the use of a charcoal disc that is placed in the bottom of your smudge pot. Once lit, direct the smoke around yourself, anther person, or in your place of ceremony by using a fan feather, or in your hand.

    The smoke from burning herbs or resin is sent out with your prayers, for purification, and as an invocation honoring the four directions, the Father Sun and the Mother Earth. ("Father-Mother God"). Native Americans have been burning herbs and resins in ceremonies for generations.

    Country of Origin: New Mexico, USA

    Amount: 1 Ounce bag (28 grams)

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Cedar - Cleansing on emotional level
    In Native American tradition the smoke of cedar is used to carry prayers to the creator. It is used to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. It also seems that the cedar tree has connections with power and the sun through many varying traditions such as Sumerian legend, Cabalistic lore and Eqyptian mythology. It is often associated with breaking the misuse of power or powerful forces that may be having a negative influence. This does connect further with Native American tradition where the burning of Cedar is used to help banish nightmares and also to release heavy emotional energies such as depression.


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    Cedar leaf (1 oz / 28 grams)
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    This cedar leaf smells heavenly; it has a delicate, warm, woody scent reminiscent of a log cabin, or a walk in the woods! It is the aromatic equivalent of a chill out CD. As a smudging herb it's a great space clearer, it is very effective at clearing negative energies from a place, I could feel it literally wafting bad energy away. Cedar Leaf is perfect for smudging a room or place prior to meditation or ritual, as it puts you in a relaxed and open frame of mind.

    At £2.50 for 1 oz it is great value for money and there is plenty here for smudging, for potpourri or even for charm pouches. I have used some as a potpourri, it serves as a natural insect repellent, and I find the scent makes me feel very relaxed and peaceful, even after a bad day at work. It is also good to know that the cedar leaf is collected in a way that is ecologically friendly.

    Native Scents is a company centred in New Mexico, USA and is made up of a network of Native American wildcrafters from Canada to South America who collect plants in an ecological and respectful way. Wildcrafting is a term which means that the herbs and plants are collected in such a way that the source is sustainable. For example this means not pulling up root systems, harvesting just enough so that the plant will continue to thrive and generally caring for each plant source. Because of the scarcity of some of the traditional Native American herbs and plants we feel this attitude to be absolutely essential as some companies are actually damaging the environment because they are putting profit first.

    We consistently find their herbs and smudge sticks to be of......more
    5 out of 5 By
    Wonderfull. I just it!!!! Love and Light.
    5 out of 5 By
    Another fast delivery with excellent quality! i am amazed at the amount you get for the price. I am so greatfull, blessings.
    5 out of 5 By
    As a practising Native American Medicine Man in the UK this site has proved itself invaluable.

    This is a high quality product harvested in an environmental and sacred way, as it must be to be used to it's potential in ceremonies. Meets my needs perfectly, highly recommended. This herb has many ceremonial uses, but best results when used for stress relief and relaxation.

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