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Yerba Santa Leaf (1/2 oz - 14 grams)

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    Yerba Santa Leaf is a herb used for healing, protection and to banish negativity. Its leaves can be carried to boost spiritual strength or burnt.

    Using Yerba Santa or 'Smudging' is a ceremony used to clear away negative energies and to attract ones that are more positive. Native Americans have traditionally used many herbs for this purpose, each one having a different effect on the aura and inner being. When burning your Yerba Santa, try to feel connected with a power greater than yourself. You may say prayers while using a feather, or simply the palm of your hand, to brush the smoke over you.

    How do I use Yerba Santa?
    Firstly, light your loose leaves, wait a moment, then blow out the flames. Try to fan the embers lightly to keep them smoldering (you may have to re-light your stick). You can then use the smoke to cleanse a person, property or spaces - you can use a shell or a heat resistant container to catch the ashes.

    All Fluorescent Ranch products are harvested in traditional manners, in an ecological and respectful way.

    Size of Packet: 1/2 oz bag (28 grams)

    Country of Origin: Grand Mesa, Colorado

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Yerba santa leaf - Healing, protection, banishes negativity
    Yerba santa is a member of the waterleaf family (Eriodictyon) and is also sometimes referred to as Mountain Balm, Tarweed and Gum Bush, amongst other names. It's an evergreen shrub and can be found growing naturally in clumps of six to 10 on dry hilly areas of Northern Mexico, Arizona and California.

    The herb was widely used by Native Americans and was particularly famed for its ability to ward off negativity and provide an element of protection. The leaves were often carried by individuals to boost their spiritual strength and, in incense form; it's still used today in a healing capacity.

    As such, it's an ideal incense to choose if you want to bring an air of healing, protection or increase positive vibes in an environment.


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    Yerba Santa Leaf (1/2 oz - 14 grams)
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    What a joy Yerba Santa Leaf was to burn as a smudge herb! It has a refreshing aroma, bright and uplifting. I found it to be a very light smudge, creating a sense of fresh awakening and clarity. As I was thinking of how to word this review as to how to describe the feeling and scent I pictured someone dancing and playing around in a light fresh warm summer shower, so light, carefree and joyful, and this is how I feel the spirit of Yerba Santa Leaf is. This too provides proof of the qualities of using it to boost Spiritual strength and to increase positive vibes.
    5 out of 5 By
    Very quick delivery and was in outstanding condition so im very pleased with the product and will def use this company again!!...exceptional customer service and friendly xxx
    5 out of 5 By
    As a practising Native American Medicine Man in the UK this site has proved itself invaluable.<br />
    This is a high quality product harvested in an environmental and sacred way, as it must be to be used to it's potential in ceremonies.

    The leaves arrived in surprisingly good condition, and meet my needs perfectly, highly recommended. As well as using this for smudge etc try carrying a couple of leaves around with you (perhaps in a purse or wallet), very good for protection and confidence / positivity.

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