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The Angel Oracle Cards

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Pack information: 36 cards & 32 page booklet
Card dimensions: 90 x 130 mms
Author: Ambika Wauters

They say: Angels have the power to touch every one of us with their protection, guidance and eternal love. With the Angel Oracle you know you have the means to access this divine wisdom. The 36 beautifully illustrated angel cards, one for each of the angels in the heavenly realm, offer clarity of thought, knowledge and insight to help you with everyday problems as well as the major challenges of life.

There is nothing negative or unsettling about the readings from the angel cards: each offers positive aspects of love and healing energy for all situations. The accompanying illustrated book gives a full commentary for each card and shows how easy the system is to use. Open your heart to the Angel Oracle and open yourself to life.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Angel Cards
Angel Cards do not conform to any one particular system so therefore the number of cards in a deck can vary. Most have pictures and some, like the Angels of Light cards do not. Angel cards give angelic wisdom and help give more clarity and input into our lives. The "Original Angel Cards" are the cards that are thought to have given popularity to angel cards back in 1978 with the start of the Transformation Game at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Since that time there have been many angel card decks produced. Some of the most popular are by Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper and also the Original Angel Cards.

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Working with Angel Cards

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The Angel Oracle Cards
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I have a number of decks and oracles but I have to admit to having mastered few of them. This deck, however, is so easy to master. Beautifully designed, the cards in themselves are inspirational. The instructions for reading, though, are simple and straightforward. One-card readings are suggested, as is a two-card spread, the Ying and Yang Spread, which aims to deal with a double bind or paradoxical situation. A three-card spread is devised to seek help with the Past, Present and Future. There are no complex ways of shuffling and dealing and no complicated ways of interpreting the readings. There are 36 angel cards featuring different helpers corresponding with three hierarchies of Heaven, the Heaven of Form, relating to the everyday, the Heaven of Creation, relating to human relationships, and the Heaven of Paradise, relating to co-creation with the Source. Each level also has three different kinds of angel and thus there is a community of beings on which to call for help and advice.

This is a very useful tool for self-healing and spiritual growth and I would recommend it for anyone who wishes to seek the help of an oracle but is put off by the complexity of some of those on the market. For an oracle that is simple yet effective, this deck is a winner.

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