Eco Friendly Magnets

Made using soy based inks, and recycled materials, these magnets feature a strong, full-surface magnet. They're a great way of sharing a smile, lifting someone's spirits, or imparting a few 'pearls of wisdom' when inspiration is waning. 

  • Peace And Happiness Magnet

    Peace And Happiness Magnet

    Was: £3.30
    Now: £2.47
  • Native American Wolf Magnet
  • Rainbow Soul Magnet
  • Friends Magnet
  • Life's Greatest Gift Magnet
  • Catch A Dream Magnet
  • Hearts and Dreams Magnet
  • Serenity, Courage And Wisdom Magnet
  • Together We're Stronger Magnet
  • Believe In Your Soulmate Magnet
  • Dreams Awaiting Magnet
  • Maiden And Wolf  On Rock Magnet
  • A Life Imagined Magnet
  • Beautiful Things Magnet
  • Native Wolf Magnet
  • Power To Be Magnet
  • White Wolves In Trees Magnet
  • Let Your Dreams Run Wild Magnet