Native American Rattles

Small Painted Kokopelli Rattle - Made by Navajo

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Dimensions: Overall length of rattle varies from about 15-17 cms (about 6 inches). This length excludes leather tassels.

The round rattle head is made from leather, moulded, set and then hand painted by the artist and then coated to protect. You may notice that some rattles have either a crystal or an arrow head on the stem. We cannot guarantee if we have both in stock but if you prefer one or the other please mention this in the "anything else to tell us" box as you check out. Each rattle has a small signed certificate of authenticity attached (can be seen in photo).

We say: I really like these rattles. The size is fairly constant, the leather bindings are secure and a good thick quality of leather. There are only a small number of stones inside the rattle so the sound of the rattle is light. At one end there is a loop of leather so that the rattle can be hung up. The paintings can vary in colour but the basic essence is similar. (by Brett)

Dictionary Terms Explained

Kokopelli - Fertility, musician, merry-maker
Popular with Native Americans, Kokopelli is a quirky flute-playing character whose image dates back over 3,000 years. Ancient carvings depicting the hunchback have been found on canyon walls and rocks in the Southwest region of America and, although his exact origins aren't known, there are many fascinating myths and beliefs associated with him.

Kokopelli is said to have travelled around villages bringing the changing of seasons - ending the harsh winter weather, creating milder temperatures and much-needed rain for successful harvests. The hunch on his back is thought to be due to the sack of seeds and songs he carried with him, his flute symbolises the transition from winter to spring, and the macaw feathers adorning his headdress are said to represent the spirit world. He's also known for his powers of fertility. Legends claim that all the villagers would sing and dance when Kokopelli arrived, and soon after every woman would be with child.

Today Kokopelli is still a popular figure in art and jewellery. Wearing the image symbolises a connection with music and fun and, for some, the desire for fertility.

Rattle - Energy, direction
Rattles having been used for many centuries by different traditions and native peoples around the globe. Shamanic cultures such as Native American, Aboriginal, Amazonian, African, Russian and pagan all used and still use rattles in their ceremonies. There are many different styles of rattle, some big, making a very loud sound, while others are smaller, giving much more airy and delicate notes. Using repetitive sounds within the human aura of the body when combined with good intention and focus can help to break up energetic blocks and negative energy. Rattles are tools you can use on yourself or others for healing and for generally changing bad for good. Rattles can help you align with a higher purpose.


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Small Painted Kokopelli Rattle - Made by Navajo
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