Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides by James Van Praagh

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Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides - A Handbook to Contact Your Soul's Greatest Teachers by James Van Praagh

The definitive handbook to spirit guides: how to observe, identify, contact and work with them to improve your life.

World-renowned spiritual medium James Van Praagh teaches readers the benefits and rewards of having a conscious relationship with their guides. The world includes exercises and meditations, with a description of the various guides who help us on this earthly adventure, to enrich and assist readers during their physical journey.

On the Back of the Book
Welcome to the vast and expansive world of guides! Our guides occupy an infinite array of spiritual dimensions and may have never incarnated at all, or they can be family members and friends who we have known in this lifetime, and have since made the transition to Spirit. Whoever they may be, guides have a keen interest in your development as a soul, and they work with you as personal teachers to inspire, influence, motivate, protect, and direct you throughout your lifetime.

Whether the guides have physical bodies or whether they reside in the Spirit realms, you must realize that they all come together with one purpose: to make your journey in this physical dimensions successful. And what makes for a successful life? Well, it's different for everyone, and it's your job to discover it. Everything that happens in your life - your soul lessons - is part of a divine plan for your spiritual growth.

By using the ideas in this book, you will develop an understanding that there is something higher within and beyond yourself that will give you the strength to evolve spiritually. You will realize that nothing happens by chance; you are here for a definite purpose - one that is far greater than any physical goal.

Total Pages: 163 (Hardback)

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