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Polished Oco Geode Halves

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A geode is a crystal or rock formation that contains a cavity that is lined with crystals or other mineral matter. For each of these geodes there is another half somewhere else in the world, because when they are found they look like little rocks. It is not until they are carefully cut in half and polished that you can see the wonders within. Looking inside is like looking into another world. It is quite acceptable to buy more than one as they all have their own characters.

Size of Geodes

Extra Small (10 -25g) - Typical dimensions can be 40 x 25mm or 35 x 25mm etc. Depth can vary between 15 and 30mm.

Small (30-49g) -Typical dimensions can be 40 x 30mm or 45 x 25mm etc. Depth can vary between 20 and 40mm.

Medium (50-54g) - Typical dimensions can be 50 x 30mm or 45 x 30mm etc. Depth can vary between 20 and 30mm.

Large (55-75g) Typical dimensions can be 55 x 30mm or 45 x 40mm etc. Depth can vary between 30 and 40mm.

Extra Large (80-95g) Typical dimensions can be 60 x 30mm or 50 x 40mm etc. Depth can vary between 30 and 40mm.

500g Bag - The sizes in these bags can vary depending on the batch that we receive at the time. They might be mostly one size such as baby, or extra large; sometimes this can be a mixture of both. If you have a preference please let us know in your extra instructions upon checkout and we'll do our best to pick this for you.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Agate - Combats stress, alleviates worry
The energy of agates is comforting and soothing, so it's a good tool to have around if you feel in need of relaxation, stress-relief or want to stop worrying. The energy reminds us that we need to take a step back sometimes to regain balance and release negativity and anxious thoughts from our lives.

Agates are lovely stones to have around where you sit, work or live. Their many colours and patterns make them attractive stones and they make wonderful ornaments if simply placed on a windowsill or desk. Agates can come in a whole variety of patterns and colours. Agates with exceptionally bright colours such as bright turquoise and vibrant pink have usually been dyed.

In addition to the above certain types of agate may bring other attributes:
* Blue lace agate has a gentle energy, which helps promote a feeling of space, connecting us with the more subtle energies of the spiritual realm. It's a useful tool for meditation and can be good for those with a gentle nature, who don't wish to be affected by the harsh events they may encounter in the course of their daily lives. It's a stone of wisdom, kindness and peace that reminds us of our spiritual origins.
*Moss agate is strongly connected to nature, with it's branching markings similar to foliage or moss. Some find it helps promote self-expression and communication and is seen as a stabilizing stone.
* Tree agate with its tree-like patterns, evokes a feeling of the natural world. Some people find it a useful tool for connecting with the energy of the plant kingdom, as well as on a more spiritual level. It's soothing and peaceful and can be used when trying to regain balance in your life.

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Polished Oco Geode Halves
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5 out of 5 By
Thank you Janet so much for taking the time to find one that fit my request it was more then I was expecting, I am in love with this stone and will continue buying products from this site.
5 out of 5 By
My wife bought this and a baby Geode for myself, they are both amazing. Both of them have wonderfull character and are truly beautiful. Thank you very much to Anne who chose and packed them absolutely perfect, they have made my day.
5 out of 5 By
Thank you Holistic shop, the geode I received was lovely. It was a gift for my brother, he loves it! I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again.
4 out of 5 By
The Geode I received was wonderful, far exceeding my expectations. It is a wonderful cave of crystal and amazing to look at. I now have several throughout my home and I keep one at work, in a wooden box, and get it out each day to place on my desk to reduce any stress and anger that may enter my working environment. Many people throughout the day will stop and look at it and ask questions. They are great for cleansing the environment around you and looking at them is like looking back in time.

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