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Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry Set in Clear Quartz (5 Piece)

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Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry Set in Clear Quartz (5 Piece)

This set comprises of five clear quartz carved shapes (made from genuine natural clear quartz). Clear Quartz is almost completely clear, although you may find the odd wisp or smoky effect inside.

Sizes: Each of the five platonic shapes obviously has different length sides but as a generalisation each shape has sides of in between 1-2 cms long. You can get a fairly good idea of size by looking at the photo with the hand.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Platonic Solids - Five sacred geometrical shapes
A platonic solid is a three-dimensional shape whose faces are all congruent regular polygons (two-dimensional shapes bounded by straight line segments) where the same number of faces meet at every angle. The Greeks are believed to have been the first to discover that there are only five platonic solids. These are:

Tetrahedron (three triangles meet at each vertex)
Octahedron (four triangles meet at each vertex)
Icosahedron (five triangles meet at each vertex)
Hexahedron or Cube (three squares meet at each vertex)
Dodecahedron (three pentagons meet at each vertex)

In his work Plato linked the five platonic solids to the elements. Tetrahedron represents fire (also spirit), the cube earth, the octahedron is air (also can be seen as mental planes), icosahedron represents water (emotions) and the dodecahedron represents the constellations and heavens (universe). As a group the platonic solids are in balance and can be used in healing or simply in your home or place of work to give focus to the idea of bringing the four elements and the fifth universal element (some may call God) into balance within you.


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Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry Set in Clear Quartz (5 Piece)
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5 out of 5 By
The Platonic Geometry 5 piece quartz set is incredible. I have been into Sacred Geometry for years and have never seen the shapes in crystal before so find these quiet exquisite. Thanks again.
5 out of 5 By
I have bought this as a present for someone, so can't comment on how useful they are BUT the quality is fabulous. The crystals are well cut & thank heavens there are a few 'flaws' in the quartz or you could be forgiven for thinking they were made of glass. I would think any crystal enthusiast would welcome these into their home.

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