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Rainbow Quartz Polished Point

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Weight: Please select weight you would like.

Dimensions: Will vary depending on size picked. But below offers a rough guide to the height. As a wider point will be less high.
40 grams: 3-4 cms (1-1.5 inches).
60 grams: 4-5 cms (1.5-2 inches).
80 grams: 4.5-6 cms (1.5-2.5 inches)
100grams: 5-7 cms (2-3 inches)
135 grams: 5-7.5 cms (2-3 inches)

Shape: These can vary but a good idea of the type of shape can be seen from the photos. These are fairly typical. Some crystals can be a little taller and some wider. If you have a specific shape in mind please do request it on the "anything else to tell us" box that you will find on the page you input your address.

The price for the rainbow quartz points is based upon weight, not dimensions. Each is weighed individually and placed in that price bracket. We import these direct from Brazil. They are highly polished and are termed "rainbow quartz" as each point has rainbows in them (that is, you look at the point from various angles and the nature of the fissures inside cause small rainbows).

The rainbows aren't big sweeping rainbows, they are little but there are normally quite a few. Many people love rainbows in crystals and actively seek them out. Well now we have done the seeking for you!

As ever you are covered by a complete money back guarantee.

In terms of the properties of these crystals you have a combination of quartz (clear quartz) combined with the symbolism of rainbows. A lovely combination.

What Holisticshop staff think

"I love the energy of these rainbow quartz and had to have one in my home! They are so beautiful and clear and seem to hold the sunlight inside them."

By Anne

Dictionary Terms Explained

Rainbow - Bridge between supernatural and natural worlds, hope, equality
The rainbow, featuring an arc of seven colours (red, orange, yellow, green, battle, indigo and violet), is typically regarded as a bridging symbol - bringing together the supernatural and natural worlds. The arc of the rainbow touching the surface of the earth is seen as representing hope, treasure and fertility, as the familiar phrase, 'a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow' emphasizes.

The symbol has featured widely in different cultures, each adding their own unique meaning. In Greek myths, it was Iris the rainbow goddess who conveyed messages to earth from Zeus and Hera. In Norse legends, a rainbow representing the bridge Byfrost, and a similar notion was used in Japan for the seven-coloured staircase Buddha comes down when returning from heaven. The rainbow features in Christianity, too, notably during the great flood when a rainbow appeared above Noah's ark.

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Rainbow Quartz Polished Point
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What Holisticshop staff think

"I love the energy of these rainbow quartz and had to have one in my home! They are so beautiful and clear and seem to hold the sunlight inside them."

By Anne

Reviews - rated 5/5 based on customer reviews

4 out of 5 By
I received my order today I ordered a cd which I was very happy with which came very quick and a rainbow quartz polished point 40grms was expecting this to be a bit bigger but apart from that its still lovely.
5 out of 5 By
I ordered the 80gm piece and it came the next day. The rainbows in it are lovely and energy is wonderful to.
5 out of 5 By
so pretty to look at so many colours when put in the light! lovely crystal :)
5 out of 5 By
I think this quartz polished point is beautifull it has been very well picked out & I feel the energy it radiates.
5 out of 5 By
Beautiful crystal. Ideal for meditation.

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