Psycards by Maggie Kneen

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Psycards are a system of symbolic pictures to help you find directions in your personal life. They can be used by yourself or to help other people as a counsellor or reader or interpreter. Their aim is to help you (or others if you are reading or counselling them) gain insight into yourself, your feelings and your own psychology. They can help you make complex personal decisions, understand your motivations and become alert to the exciting possibilities in your life and to those of the people closest to you. They seek to encourage you to develop your own spiritual and psychic gifts. In the simplest form they enable people to open up to themselves about their inner feelings. Psycards use some elements of Tarot but draws on 20th century psychology and ancient story fable and myth. It seeks to be easily accessible and the cards should speak to you spontaneously and be relevant to your own life and experience.

Number of Cards: 40 Card Deck, includes small information sheet.

Size of Cards: 64 x 110 mms 

Author: Maggie Kneen

Staff Review by Brett Almond

The Psycards were the first cards that ever really freaked me out with their accuracy. Many years ago, when I first started looking into personal development and spiritual matters, I was seeing a counsellor who was also a Tarot teacher. After discussing some key elements in my life she asked me to pick two cards. The deck she used (although I didn't know this at the time) was the Psycards. I picked out the cards The Father and Work. They were exactly what we had just been talking about and were so apt that I was shocked for weeks. I had not used Tarot or other divination systems at that time.

The Psycards offer something different to other divination cards and Tarot cards. The options are so real and down to earth in many ways. They give answers that some may find much easier to understand than some other divination decks. The information sheet that comes with the deck is minimal. Each card is given just a few words like, “The Tree: Growth, stability, having roots.”

The descriptions are fairly short but as with any divination deck we need to get in touch with our feelings and start to interpret them further by ourselves. There are also books available for the Psycards with much more information in.

The full list of cards are:

The Inquirer, The Yes card, The No card, The Now card, The Never card, The Body card, The Home, Work, The Skills, Money, Friendship, Fortune, The Father, The Mother, Birth, Death, The Libido, Destruction, Peace, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The Tree, The Scales, The Tower, The Wheel, The Beauty, The Warrior, The Liar, The Stranger, The Sage, The Ford, The Beast, The Message, The Voyage, The Puzzle, Prison, Liberation, The Cave, Union.

In all a deck I do really find an affinity with, partly due to them being one of my first encounters in the area of divination, but also because I just find the energy of the whole system very clear and unmuddled.

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  • 5
    Psy cards

    Posted by Polly on 23rd Nov 2019

    I have been using these cards for over 15 years. The way I was introduced was unusual the seller and reader just handed me the cards at a market stall and said read for me. I asked him to shuffle and I pulled 3 cards past present and future and the deck has a habit of telling me when to stop the reading - it was a very profound reading for him so much so he gave me my first set. I also after doing a reading re-Shuffle the read cards and ask the pendulum to highlight the card which should be concentrated on ( always the key to the reading) I have done readings with one card and 25 cards and always got what was needed for the sitter. I love these cards ... I have possibly 8 sets of Tarot and shamem cards but always come back to the psy cards I have never read the book . There a couple of cards I struggle with but they don’t come out often. I have also given non readings as the cards did not talk to me . Like previous reviewer ... reiki is often with me but it depends on the sitter and what is needed. But no one really asks for a reading who does not need one. Great product.

  • 5
    Beautiful pictures

    Posted by ben bucks on 16th Oct 2018

    Really great cards to work with, I first used them over twenty years ago and only recently got back in to them, beautiful pictures and great for meditation.

  • 5
    Great for Beginners

    Posted by Jenny on 11th Mar 2005

    I just wanted to echo the previous comments on Psycards; totally accurate, very grounding, down-to-earth and, particularly for a beginner, easy to read and get a feel for. As Tarot holds no appeal to me, I was sceptical when recommended to buy these cards - but as soon as they were in my hands, Reiki started flowing in a way that had not happened with an 'inanimate' object - proof, to me at least, that there is something truly special about these cards; an indefinable buzz about them.

  • 4

    Posted by Emma, Wrexham on 11th Mar 2005

    I purchased a set of psy cards from the holistic shop several months ago and have been using them alongside the celtic tarot cards since, whilst I familiarise myself with them. They are fantastic, and I echo the previous words of how uncannily accurate they are. They have quite an awesome knack of homing in succinctly to issues that need to be addressed by the inquirer. I feel that they are more down to earth and psychological in nature - and to me that is sometimes the way forward, as not everyone wants a more spiritual reading. They are a useful tool for spirituality as the roots of this start in the addressing of our own psychology. I find that they actually draw a reading tightly together, providing a simple conclusion, that is easily relatable to all.

    For anyone choosing to use divination as a means of development I would say that the psycards are an ideal choice if you feel drawn to them. If you've ever felt daunted with familiarising yourself with the 78 cards in the tarot then the Psycards could be a more achievable alternative for you, as there are only 40 cards in the pack. For those who already use tarot, the Psy cards are all the more easy to relate to, yet add a unique, grounding feeling to a reading. My only disappointment in purchasing these cards is that the colours of the actual cards are slightly misrepresented as they are slightly lighter than indicated by the rich colour of the Beauty Card, illustrated on the front of the pack. But do not let that put you off!!!