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Heaven and Earth by James Van Praagh

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Information: 88 pages, paperback

They say: '(Van Praagh) has changed people's lives, banished the fear of death... It is impossible not to be moved' Newsweek

Millions of readers have been enthralled - and had their lives changed - by James Van Praagh's extraordinary ability as a psychic medium to communicate with the world beyond. In his global bestseller, Talking To Heaven, he took readers on a soul journey through time and revealed what happens in death, what the spirit world is like and how a soul is reborn.

Now, in his new book, he combines inspiring accounts of his amazing communications with spirit beings with a practical programme for expanding our own innate psychic abilities and intuition. He explains that the spirits can serve us as teachers, companions, creative inspiration and even offer protection, once we learn:

. The role of angels
. Overcoming fear
. How to fully see, feel and hear
. How to strengthen one's aura to make contact
. How to recognize signals from spirit beings
. How to protect ourselves from negative or harmful forces

Heaven and earth are the two poles of our consciousness. This extraordinary work will show you how to connect the two within yourself and transform your understanding of life.

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Heaven and Earth - James Van Praagh
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The author in this sequel to 'Talking to Heaven' offers us a guide to making the psychic connection between the spiritual realms and earthly life. The initial chapters cover the different types of contact that can be made, for example by scent or sound. James Van Praagh explains how the spirits try and attract our attention through lights and electrics, even the telephone. There are other topics too such as auras, miracles, psychic protection and angel guides. The author expands on these subjects with examples taken from his work as a psychic medium. These are heart warming accounts, although one or two of them made me think twice about mediumship, for not all the spirits he encountered were at peace. The following chapters explain how to develop your techniques, looking at the preliminary groundwork required, sensing energies within rooms, also developing your intuition. The final chapter contains the often asked questions on spirit contact, with answers too.

This isn't a big book, I read it quite quickly and I have to say I enjoyed it, despite my finding him a bit pompous. The author is skilled and has worked hard to achieve his success, there was much wisdom within its covers and although I didn't always agree with some of the points put forward, it did make me think about what I was reading and my beliefs. My main concern was that the author was trying to cover two topics in one book, that of his experiences and technique development, consequently neither was covered to any great degree, however, it does highlight the link between Heaven and Earth.

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