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Purple Velvet Triple Goddess Tarot / Oracle Card Bag

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    Bag size: Width across the top, 14 cm (5.5 inches). Width at the bottom at widest point is 20 cm (8 inches). Overall height of the bag is also 20 cm (8 inches) although only about 16cms (6.5 inches) is usable when the bag is closed.

    Material: A rich purple velvet bag embroidered with gold coloured thread in triple goddess design. The inside of the bag is lined with a matching purple satin. When you pull the two strings at the top of the bag the top pulls together keeping your cards safe.

    This bag is suitable for all standard sized tarot cards. Ie. Rider Waite cards, Mythic Tarot, Sharman-Caselli deck etc. These bags suit all Tarot cards sold on Holisticshop.co.uk. They are also suitable for all the angel cards we sell on the site such as all of Doreen Virtue cards. They can also of course be used for other activities such as keeping crystals safe or other precious objects.

    The Triple Goddess is the symbol represented on this bag. There is the moon-like triple Goddess symbol (three phases of the moon), along the top line and bottom line, and also there is the three fold elliptical symbol in the centre of the bag. Both represent this idea of the triple Goddess.

    This idea is common to many different traditions such as Roman, Celtic, Greek and Indian, not just the Wiccan. It is a symbol of unity, and represents the three stages of the moon:
    Maiden Beginnings, youth, enchantment, courage
    Mother Fertility, power, stability, protection
    Crone Wisdom, compassion, experience, death, rebirth
    Some Goddesses are said to embody single aspects while others are said to embody all three.

    As a symbol this represents the power of womanhood and the moon, and in a wider aspect, life at all stages. It is a reminder that all stages of life are connected as can be seen by the way the symbol interlocks, and that we do pass through these stages in our human life, but also we pass through the stages each time we grow. All is connected.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Purple - Spirituality, wisdom, psychic development
    Purple is traditionally a royal colour and sign of dignity. Garments made of purple cloth were typically worn by high priests, emperors, military leaders and magistrates in the Roman times, as well as having a strong association with Osiris, and Ancient Egyptian god.

    The colour gained its superior authority as dying cloth purple was an expensive process, involving collecting secretions from two types of molluscs, so only the wealthiest people in society could afford to have clothes made of the colour.

    In terms of magic, purple is linked to the spiritual dimension, psychic development, wisdom and spiritual strength. People often use the colour, whether through meditation or visualisation, to try and increase their spiritual development and access higher states. Likewise, in the chakra system, purple / violet relates to the crown chakra.


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    Purple Velvet Triple Goddess Tarot / Oracle Card Bag
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    5 out of 5 By
    This bag is gorgeous, great value for money. Very pleased with my purchases so far, I will continue to shop on this site each month.
    5 out of 5 By
    I have just recieved this Tarot Bag and am VERY impressed with the quality. It is bigger than I expected it to be, but since my main Tarot Deck is larger than most, it's perfect. The high quality of the fabric was a nice surprise considering the very reasonable price. Also, the fast delivery is always welcome.

    Thank you again for your excellent service!
    5 out of 5 By
    Beautiful! And really well made too!

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