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Power Animals Book (with Audio Download) by Steven Farmer

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Power Animals (Book) - How to Connect With Your Animal Spirit Guide - by Steven D. Farmer

On the Back of the Book
In this fascinating book, Steven Farmer gudies you through a journey on the accompanying audio download to discover and connect with your power animal. Once you've determined who your power animal is, you can refer to the tect to learn what this says about you, find instructions on how to call upon the spirit animal, and read a channeled message for you from that spirit animal. You'll also find out which animal spirit to call on for particular situations, and additional tracks on the audio will help you consult you power animal as an oracle.

Your power animal will not only help you develop a greater sense of person and spiritual power, but will also help heal you physically, emotionally, and spiritually - as well as guide you through difficult life transitions. Working with your power animal will put you in touch with your own instinctual nature, thereby increasing your intuitive awareness and enhancing every area of your life.

Total Pages: 267

About the Author
Steven Farmer, Ph.D., is a shamanic practitioner, ordained minster, and licensed psychotherapist. He's the author of Earth Magic, Animal Spirit Guides, the Power Animal Oracle Cards, and Sacred Ceremony, among other works.

Read the first 22 pages of Power Animals here:

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Power Animals Book (with Audio Download) - Steven Farmer
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That we all have guardian spirits around to help us and guide us is not an unfamiliar concept to most of us. The sense of being 'watched over', cared for or even directly advised is probably the most famailar – and at the same time elusive, because the sensation is so difficult to hang on to – of all spiritual experiences. But who are these guardians? What is their relationship to us?

In ancient times, every tribe felt sure of its relationship to certain 'totem' animals, and while the Shaman would take their interaction with these animal spirits to another, higher level, there were few who did not find a way to relate to the characteristics of the animal in question. Certain rituals were a part of growing up, so that an individual could know and experience their 'power animal'. Thereafter they could always draw strength, comfort – and even advice – from the creature they had met.

We do not usually practice this, these days. Yet there are many individuals who quietly believe that they have more than a fondness for a particular animal, and would be hard pushed to tell you why.

In this book, Stephen Farmer describes the characteristics of certain key animals, and how (if we allow ourselves to connect and relate to them spiritually) they can be a source of strength and comfort to us.

How? - Yes, Farmer describes that, too. There are still meditations that we can practice, to help us access the creatures that are particularly concerned with our spiritual care. This book contains a CD with several tracks, to help in that process. This is NOT relaxation music, but specific to the task in hand, and if......more

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