Totem Spirit Eagle Incense Sticks - Courage

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They Say: The Medicine Wheel is the sacred hoop of life's lesson that all must follow. Life begins in the south shield on the sacred hoop path and each of us will travel the circle until death. From death our spirit passes to physical life on the blue spirit trail. On the medicine walk, the east shield teaches us understanding. The Grandfather sun greets us from the east with much wisdom for each day and this path is to know.

Naturally handmade with a bamboo centre, a charcoal based coating essential oils. Contains no hydrocarbons or petroleum distillates. Results in a slow burning and low smoke incense. 

Approximate Number of Sticks: 12

Stick Length: Approx 25cm

Approximate Burn Time: 45 minutes

Country of Origin: New Mexico

More About the Symbol of the Eagle
The eagle is held sacred by many traditions, but especially so in the Native American tradition. The eagle flies high, symbolically close to spirit, and its cry is like a high-pitched screech, calling to spirit for recognition. The eagle teaches us to live our lives on earth while remaining connected to the spirit realms. It teaches us to follow our true path - that which is really meant to be happening in our life for the greater good. So in this way the eagle is connected to courage - the ability to follow what is right, and to confront our fears, as that is how we change to become better and happier people. Eagle can see far from his high-flying position, so symbolically relates to seeing the bigger picture, not getting involved in things that aren't important.

Staff Review by Mel Hurst

Like with others in this range of incense, the Eagle had a very low amount of smoke and it can take a little while of the scent to fully come through, however once it does it is very noticeable. It was hard to distinguish particular fragrances however I found it to be quite earthy in a very good sense. Most of all it's usually the effect of the incense rather than the aroma that I notice; particularly with this range.

For instance, I lit this incense one evening, I felt like I had a million tasks to complete that wouldn't get done, so needless to say I was multitasking! After about 20 minutes (and not realizing it at first), I found I started to look at the big picture, I gained some introspection and I put down whatever I was doing. The realization; not so much that I needed some time to relax, but the awareness that we all need some time for ourselves - and that is what the symbol of the Eagle aims to represent.

It is the call for recognition and for not becoming too involved in things that may not be that important. My example of course was on a small scale, but in a bigger sense the Eagle looks down on life and evaluates it; it represents courage and the ability to confront our fears into becoming happier people. In my instance, although I felt like I had a lot to do I realized it all didn't actually necessarily have to be done that evening, and I wasn't helping myself by trying to do it all at once.

You may like this incense if you prefer subtle scents, but most of all if you wish to bring some of the Eagle spirit energy into your life to help gain some introspection and to help rise above your current position or problems.

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