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Crystal Dream Stones (Sweet Dream Pouch)

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Sweet Dream Pouches - Crystals to Aid Sleep & Dreaming

A blue decorative organza bag filled with six variations of crystals that have specific properties to help with sleep, stimulate positive dreams and alleviate bad dreams. The crystals included in each pouch are: Rosophia, Azumar, Herkimer (Quartz) Diamond, Celestite, Vitalite and Magnifer Quartz.

For years, we've been sleeping and meditating with combinations of stones chosen to enhance the effects we were looking for. These bags, filled with approximately 60-100g of beneficial stones can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Sleep with the pouch under your pillow for sweet dreams, and to help you remember them.
  • Place one as desired in your pocket, in a purse or your bag to aid in keeping your energy field clear and vibrant.
  • Meditate with one stone on your heart chakra, or any spot you feel that an infusion of crystal energy would benefit.

    Read below for some more information on each of the crystals in the pouches; each contains Magnifier Quartz as this help to amplify each of the crystals energies.

    Rosophia (Red Stone)
    A relatively new gemstone that was discovered in the Rocky Mountains of the U.S.; its name is derived from the phrase "Rose of Sophia", meaning "The Heart of Wisdom". It is said to carry the intuition and the qualities of the presence of 'Sophia' the Soul of the World and represents the Heart Chakra.

    Rosophia is beneficial for calming the emotional body, relieving stress and repelling negative energy. Mentally, it can aid in dispelling feelings of low self-worth, fear of the future and help to heal old wounds from the past.

    Azumar (Turquoise / Light Blue Stone)
    Found in Arizona, it was named from a combination of the words 'Azure' (Blue) and 'Mare' (Ocean). Azumar is strongly linked to the realm of feeling, and can be beneficial in bringing joy, refreshment and rejuvenation to the body. A useful healing stone to help bring peace, serenity and confidence whilst dispelling feelings of anger, fear, stress and envy.

    Azumar is a stone of insight and communication; when used to aid in sleep it is said to intensify the happiness felt in dreams and can be helpful to those who experience insomnia or nightmares.

    Herkimer (Quartz) Diamond (Clear / Smoky)
    Usually found in the hills in and around Herkimer, New York, these Diamonds are known for their characteristic, stubby, double-terminated shape and their usualness. They are said to aid in opening our inner vision, can be useful in enhancing dreams in meditation and to promote lucid dreaming. Herkimer Diamonds are beneficial in activating and opening the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras and have been linked to improving telepathy, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities.

    Celestite (Blue / Grey)
    Most commonly found in Madagascar, but has also been located in Mexico and the U.S.A; it is occasionally called Celestine. Intuitive sources say Celestite activates psychic abilities, awakens the mental powers, facilitates connection with the angelic domain, stimulates the "third eye" and crown chakras, enhances inner peace, uplifts one's consciousness and brings on visionary awareness. It is said Celestine can make as feel as though we are floating on a cloud (rather than 'zooming in a rocket').

    Vitalite (Pink / Red)
    Discovered in New Zealand, it is known for it's layer of pink and red that sometimes appear as swirling on a background of sparkling white. Vitalite is beneficial in stimulating and improving one's sense of well-being, and can aid in alleviating stress, irritability, depression and anxiety. A stone of generosity, it is useful in overall emotional cleansing and enlightening one's mood.

    Magnifier Quartz (Clear)
    These little crystals are most commonly known as a kind of 'vibrational turbo-charger' that can amplify the effects of other crystals and are commonly added to wands, carried in medicine bags, included in elixirs as well as many other uses. They are invaluable for constructing crystal tools and most beneficial if you wand to increase the power of stones and crystals, or intention.

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    Crystal Dream Stones (Sweet Dream Pouch)
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