Chakra Crystal Bracelet (with Lava Beads)

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This elasticated bracelet is made up of black lava beads, plus seven crystal beads that are used to represent each of the chakras. Each crystal bead has been chosen because of its colour and the qualities that the crystal may posses. The bold colours against the black lava beads give the bracelet a lovely effect throughout the contrast. Each chakra bead is smooth and the bracelet itself is very comfortable to wear, they are very similar to our power bracelets. 

Included Crystals

  • Amethyst - Representing the Crown Chakra, this can bring inspirational qualities of infinite intelligence with human nature, inspiration and perfection. This is the overall balance of the chakra system.
  • Lapis - Representing the Brow Chakra, the connected qualities bring intuition, imagination, wisdom and clairvoyance. It is concerned with understanding knowledge and mental organizing.
  • Reconstituted Turquoise- Representing the Throat Chakra, the central themes posses qualities of communication, speech, truth and knowledge. Overall it balances personal expression with the flow of information.
  • Green Agate - Representing the Heart Chakra, the connected qualities are unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, balance and understanding. Being at the centre it helps to deal with relationships and personal development.
  • Golden Tigers Eye - Representing the Solar Plexus Chakra, this is connected to self-esteem, willpower, confidence and humour.
  • Yellow Acrylic - Representing the Sacral Chakra, this is connected to qualities of sexual desire, procreation and change, plus adapting to new ideas.
  • Red Agate - Representing the Root Chakra, the connected qualities are those of self-preservation and survival instincts, as well as grounding and courage.
  • Black Lava Beads - Also known as 'Lava Rock' or 'Basalt' is an igneous volcanic rock that has solidified from molten lava, after intense heat and pressure. Lava Stone is grounding and calming, it is most associated with the base chakra, and can aid in dissipating anger, and promoting positive change.

Please Note: The lapis within this bracelet is genuine, but has an additional blue colour dye to bring out it's natural dark beauty.

Lava Beads & Essential Oils
Did you know lava beads can be used with your favourite essential oils? Lava beads are exactly as they sound, they are formed from molten rock, which is slowly cooled underground to make a type of igneous rock called basalt rock. These rocks are porous and lightweight, which makes them perfect for use in jewellery, and aromatherapy. The heat from your body allows the lava beads to work their magic, by allowing the essential oil to slowly evaporate and diffuse through the area.

Excellent as an alternative to perfume, if you're looking to cut back on the use of chemicals, create custom blends, and certain essential oils such as citrus, thyme and peppermint are great as insect repellants!

Simply add 1-2 drops of your favourite essential oil to each lava bead; the best way to do this is to add the oil either to your finger or a cotton swab and rub this on the beads. Similarly an essential oil roller bottle can be used on them. Allow the oil to soak for a few minutes before wearing. The length of time that the oil will last will be dependent on how much is used, the type and the quality of oil. The scent can last anywhere from a couple of hours, to a day, and can be reapplied as necessary.

Please note, that as will most essential oil use on the skin, you may want to dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil first to reduce the risk of a skin reaction. Testing with a small amount first is always advised, and care should always be taken. Essential oils may stain fabric.

Sizing of Beads: Each bead is identical in size and are approximately 7mm in diameter.

More About Chakras
The chakras are major energetic centres within the human body. There are seven in total. They are:

Crown (violet-white)
Forehead (indigo)
Throat (Blue)
Heart (Green)
Solar plexus (Yellow)
Sacral (Orange)
Base (Red)

When our chakras are healthy and glowing strongly we feel good. By having about us or using chakra products, wearing chakra jewellery or using chakra stones in healing we are giving focus to this state of balance. If we have good intention we may draw situations to us that help us to change and help our chakras to find or remain in balance.

For further information about the chakras you could try reading our Beginner's guide to Chakras

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  • 5
    Love the contrast of colours

    Posted by Caroline, West Midlands on 21st Jul 2018

    Brought this as I love something a little different, plus the added chakra point of this bracelet. I love the contrast of the stones in colours, plus the contrast with the lava stones on either side finishing the bracelet off lovely. I will wear this one everyday along with my other two crystal bracelets, perfect match and helpful healing properties. Delivered very quickly, within a day.