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Beaded Rosette Four Directions/Medicine Wheel Necklace (Black) by Betsy Piaso

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This beaded necklace is made with long black pipe bone beads, separated by alternative yellow and red beads. The rosette medicine wheel design is made using small white, black, yellow, red and light blue beads which has been added to a circular piece of material. This is then backed onto deer skin leather; a traditional leather used in many Native American crafts. The string used for the necklace is then sewn through the material and there is some fringed beading at the bottom of the rosette.

Although this is a long necklace it is lightweight and comfortable to wear, the deer skin on the back of the rosette is very soft.

You will receive a certificate of authenticity with your necklace, and there is also a paper string wrapped around the necklace with the name of the artist. These are handmade by Betsy Piaso and other members of the Navajo Nation (Din'eh), USA. This is a group of Navajo women, helped by their children to make deerskin medicine bags, bone and bead necklaces and feather fans.

These necklaces are unique, good quality and handcrafted but as such you may find some of the pipe beads can have slight natural marks or discolorations.

Size of Necklace The diameter of the beaded rosette is usually 6cm, the length of the necklace from top to bottom is roughly 46cm (19 inches). The long bone pipe beads are approximately 3.7cm each.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Medicine Wheel - Wheel of life
The medicine wheel is an all encompassing system of life common to most Native American traditions. It has four directions: the East, South, West and the North. Here is one simple interpretation of what each direction represents:

  • East: yellow / mental / air / birth / eagle
  • South: white / emotional / water / childhood / coyote
  • West: black / physical / earth / adulthood / bear
  • North: red / spiritual / fire / elder / buffalo

    Whole books have been written about the medicine wheel and what each direction represents and the exact colours and positions of the various elements can vary between tribes and teachers but this does not matter too much (as long as you stick with the system you become familiar with) as the basic message is that to live to your highest potential and happiness you must put all four aspects into balance. This is a system (like the Kaballah is a system) that can be studied and applied to daily living. The medicine wheel as a symbol is a symbol of balance and reconciliation with yourself. To wear or have around you this symbol states your intention to live in balance and manifest the joy and peace this balance will bring. The four colours also represent the Asian people / white people / black people / and the native people so in this way the medicine wheel is also a symbol of world peace as well as inner peace.

    Betsy Piaso - Navajo tribe
    Betsy Piaso is a member of the Navajo tribe and lives in the USA. We trade directly with this artist making sure she receives a fair price for her work. All items will be good quality but because of the hand made nature of the goods it is possible that crafts such as these may have small differences between them. These small differences (if there are any) should be seen as a testimony to the fact that you are buying authentic Native American crafts.

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    Beaded Rosette Four Directions/Medicine Wheel Necklace (Black) by Betsy Piaso
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