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The chalice or cup is one of the most universal symbols across many of the great religions and traditions. So as such it is difficult in such a short space to describe what a cup or goblet represents as it may differ from person to person. But I think it is true to say that the cup / chalice / goblet for many represents life, love, and total immersion in spirituality and sacred bliss. The cup comes to represent our baptism into a life that is more than just matter and what we can see just with our eyes. It is an acknowledgement that life is a wondrous existence in which spirit fills matter and gives us meaning.

In the Christian tradition the cup contains the blood of Christ (consecrated wine) from which everyone drinks. In the Tarot the Ace of Cups contains water and symbolises love and purity and the heart chakra. Also in the legend of the Holy Grail it is Sir Galahad who is the one who is found worthy due to his purity of heart. In some beliefs water is life so when we drink from a cup or chalice we are drinking life.

In Wiccan traditions a chalice or goblet is used to represent the feminine aspect in rituals, toasting the Goddess or God. Again in ceremony the drinking of blessed wine allows this power to pass into our bodies. We are one with the sacred. Often in Wiccan traditions the Chalice is used in combination with the Athame (a ceremonial knife) which represents the male principal.

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