Do you need to be Psychic to read the Tarot?

Do you need to be Psychic to read the Tarot?

Posted by Cindy Hurn

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What does psychic mean?

Let’s take away the mystery.

When we use the word Psychic we are saying that person received information which didn’t come from one of our familiar five senses. Sight, sound, taste, smell and touch serve to orientate us in the world. We are constantly receiving all sorts of data which we then consciously or unconsciously translate into information about where we are and what’s going on around us.

Our sixth sense, (previously referred to in another interview - Clairvoyance How to Develop your Sixth Sense) is always processing information but of a more subtle level. This sense tends to be the shyer of all senses and will often go unnoticed unless forced to the foreground due to an emergency or a need to really grab our attention. It is this subtle flow of energy which is picked up on and interpreted when giving a Psychic or Tarot reading.

When someone is labeled a Psychic it is recognized that they are more attuned to the subtlety of this natural sensitive connection. Either through natural ability and/or training those who are psychic operate within the subtle energy levels and able to hear better the whispers of the sixth sense. Psychic is just one word for the awareness of subtle energy. Clairvoyant, mystic, metaphysical, supernatural, paranormal, intuitive are among other titles for this same process of gaining information and understanding which the majority of us pay no heed, instead relying more on the bolder senses. It is important to remember that this is an innate sense which we all have to varying degrees. Just as some have an acute sense of smell, or taste and can perceive so much more of what is, so does the Psychic.

How does that relate to reading Tarot?

The Tarot is a Book of Wisdom. Said to hold all knowledge within it’s symbolic depictions. When we are using the Tarot for ourselves or reading for others the subtle energy which we picked up on without the concrete understanding of the full picture is transferred to these images. It is through the process of both understanding the meanings of the cards and as well being able to interpret the thoughts and feelings which arise - the subtle energies become more solid.

When one undertakes the study of the Tarot not only are you connecting to this Ancient Wisdom but as well the symbolic language teaches through interpretation and communication of what’s being felt and perceived on a deeper level.

Do I need to have some sort of psychic gift to read the Tarot?

We are all capable of reading the Tarot cards as we all have this innate ability to perceive the bigger picture. Personally, I think the greatest gift required to read this Book of Wisdom, is a willingness for Personal Development and Self-Awareness. For me this book explains energy as well. The gift in reading the Tarot is not in being Psychic (as we all have that sense) but an openness to receiving it’s gift of Self-Awareness which is key when doing any work with the Tarot.

The gifts are many. Each time we do a reading for ourselves or another we tap into the deeper mysteries of life and are enriched. In my many years of teaching I encourage self-knowledge as it is through knowing where we are - we have a better idea to where we are going.

For example, a question like, “Will I ever get married?” doesn’t do the Tarot justice. We have to remember that as our future is always probable (if we change something today, tomorrow changes) a question such as that only reflects your future from where you are now. To better receive the gift on offer I would encourage my clients to reframe the question and ask “What can I do to improve my relationship issues?” This then gives you insight which helps you see the solution to positive change rather than supporting the fear of lack.

Back to your initial question - Yes, everyone can read the Tarot. The level of skill is like anything else and reflects how much time, energy and value willing to be invested. I would add one more variable - a willingness to learn about yourself.

Are we all "psychic"?

Call it what you will but yes we all have this in-built survival sense to help us gain more information on a more subtle level.

Is the word "psychic" irrelevant when it comes to Tarot?

It is like anything else. Everything needs to be packaged to be sold. So terms, names prove useful for promotion. In my teaching I take that out of the equation as it is an Ancient Book on your shelf, there to help you when you have a need or urge to see a bigger picture. Invaluable once you learn how to read and feel the symbolic language.

Are people too hung up on the term psychic and clairvoyant?

I think those terms in the not too distant past would have carried allot more judgement than today. Not too long ago all readings would have been packaged as occult (which simply means hidden) with people falling into four categories:

  1. Fearful - judging and pulling away
  2. Cynical - labeling and dismissing anything to do with it
  3. Curious - wanting to know more
  4. Embracing - open to learning

Time changes all things and now there is great movement towards Emotional Intelligence, gut reaction and intuition not only from individuals but in the business world as well. What was shy is now slipping more and more into the limelight as the interest in Personal Development and Spiritual Awareness becomes more of the norm.

So, in answer to your question - People are not so unhung as they used to be with regard to the terms psychic and clairvoyant. Less and less and dare I say? Even more curious.

How do I improve the deep insights I can get from reading the Tarot for someone?

The manner in which we improve anything is by doing. Practice, practice, practice. But as well, I think a key part of the puzzle is to be open to learning about yourself as inevitably what we read for others quite often uncannily emphasizes a lesson or transition we have gone through or are going through. It is important, as mentioned earlier, to remain open to Personal Growth.

Readings deepen as sensitivity increases and we are better attuned to the psychic flow. I find meditation - the quieting of the mind - of great value. It is by learning to still the inner chatter we hear better the whispers of our Spiritual Self. Not mentioned before but it is the Spiritual Wisdom of common sense where the Tarot excels.

On a practical level - first thing every morning pick a card. Spend a few moments reflecting on it, really observing and connecting with your daily card. Then throughout your day be aware of how many times the knowledge of the card presents itself. Not only will this help strengthen the Tarot connection but as well make for an interesting day.

One more - settle in to a quiet space, choose a card at random, spend a few moments gazing at the image then close your eyes and become aware of any insights or thoughts which arise. Always it is important and of great value to write down these insights as like balloons if not tethered they will quickly fly away. So, a Tarot Journal would be a great asset. Perhaps a topic for another interview.

Most important it you want to develop your skill at reading - develop an active relationship with the Tarot and as well, with your emotional-self. Learn to sense the cards - pick up on feelings rather than be reliant on meanings. Images first, words second. If read purely on an intellectual level not only will it be more difficult but limiting. If we move away from what we feel not only do we strip the richness of the wisdom but as well, you block the emotional energy of communication between you and your client.

In closing, it is now very easy to purchase a set of Tarot Cards but always remember they are not just pretty pictures but a Book of Ancient Wisdom in which the more time we spend knocking on it’s door the further it will let you in.