What is Clairvoyance? How to Develop your Sixth Sense

What is Clairvoyance? How to Develop your Sixth Sense

Posted by Cindy Hurn

Cindy Hurn is an Intuitive, Hypnotherapist and Mind Management Coach who works 1-1 and with groups. She hosts her own radio show, The Cindy Hurn Show, “I don’t want to know what’s on your mind. I want to know what’s in it.” And has also has consulted with multi-national companies on their product development for the future. More info about her at the end of article.

Cindy, Can you explain what clairvoyance is?

That’s a good question. Basically the term clairvoyance comes from the French lanquage clair - clear and voyance - vision. Having clear vision. When using clairvoyance one is obtaining information, knowledge insight, past present and future through what is referred to the sixth sense. They are known as Clairvoyants.

There are varied interpretations but the way I see it is, as, everything is energy by entering an altered state you are able to draw on subtle energy which is always presesnt but for most unaware of. By our nature we tend to experience life through the more conventional five senses of seeing, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Clairvoyance is also a catch phrase for the different way we receive this subtle information. Some people see images whether in their minds eye or/and as external images - visions. While others may sense things or indeed hear information. Some like myself draw from the subtleness of all the senses. Well, not taste and smell as they are very weak in my composition.

Is this a gift someone receives, or is it something anyone can develop?

We have six senses but as mentioned most tend to focus and perceive life through the five mentioned above. This intuitive sixth sense is within us all but quietly hangs out in the back ground. I consider it the shy one, that is until it is valued and trained. So although like the other five senses it is registering information all the time we tend to ignore it’s whispers. For example how many times have we all answered the phone saying ‘I knew that was you when it rang. Or you just popped in my mind and then you called?” At that point we were picking up information, ‘sensing’ the bigger picture. When we acknowledge these moments of intuition, our sixth sense, our intuition moves into the foreground. So, first thing we need to do in order to develop it is to begin a more active relationship with this informative shy wealth of information. Note when what you thought, felt, sensed was what is. Through recognition it grows stronger. Otherwise it remains a sleeping sense, only awoken in times of great need.

And then again, just as we can all learn to play the piano, those born with musical talent, take to it more naturally than others. While some just plunk, a gifted pianist will open hearts. It is the same with clairvoyance.

So, if a student comes to you and says, “Cindy, I want to be clairvoyant.” What would you say to them? Is that the right approach to take?

Using the piano metaphor, you don’t just become a concert pianist, you evolve into it through hours and hours of practice and commitment. It is the same when developing sensitivity. Through practice we strengthen our ability to perceive the more subtle energies. We are so used to filtering the world through our five senses and conditioned thinking it easily over rides the shyer part of our nature. If you want to develop clairvoyance there is lots to learn. The biggest challenge is learning to quiet the mind in order to travel inward and receive and connect to theus but we are unaware of.

As well, there is a responsibility which comes with this development. It is not just about quieting the mind. The best clairvoyants, the most valuable to others, are those that know themselves. Personal Development plays a large part in this awakening. It doesn't do you any good to be able to receive visions and then get lost in that world. When we lack psychological balance the sensitivity can be overpowering and unbalancing. We can be too open to all the information flowing around us, positive as well as negative.

It can be a two edged sword. I knew someone, incredibly sensitive, who often upon entering the tube station would pick up on a certain feeling filling her with dread. I have seen her go white with it. It made her feel ill as through experience she knew each time she felt in a particular way she was picking up on someone who had just thrown themselves in front of a train. (Happens more than one would think.) Picking up on their despair she felt powerless to stop them.

So, if she developed herself personally, would she start to pick up more of the positive things?

Alot would change. Firstly, she would handle it better. Maybe when she first starts to feel that dread she could counter-balance with a prayer of help. Or perhaps, to know when it’s appropriate to open to the vast struggling humanity and when to protect ourselves. We can be too sensitive. Through Personal Development we refine who we are and are better able to handle the information sifting through us. Just as we learn to filter noise pollution, we also learn skills to help us from overload. And yes, a positive mind perceives life differently.

There is a certain power with someone saying they can see your future, they can see your aura or they can see your spirit guide. People can be held in awe of that ability. People see that power and they want that power. Why would someone want to be clairvoyant? What are the benefits?

Perhaps they want to be able to ‘see’ more of what is. Perhaps, having experienced moments when that sixth sense has suddenly awoken, they are curious to develop it. Perhaps, they are attracted to the deeper mysteries of life. Or perhaps, it is waiting to be developed and they are responding to an inner prompting. There are so many reasons why we are attracted to various learnings.

One of the benefits of being clairvoyant is that you are certainly much more sensitive to what is going on around you. If you choose to let it guide you professionally to connect with people, it is a great access to a more immediate connection. I know when I work with individuals, I see them clearly very quickly, which means the process of healing is more immediate. Remember, you are seeing the bigger picture, not just the slice being offered. So, if you are a people person and have a desire to help, than yes, developing this sense as well yourself will be a great asset.

Another benefit is self-discovery. There is much knowledge to be gained as we open more to the Spiritual side of ourselves. This type of development goes hand in hand with our Spiritual self as that is what offers the greater perspective. As well, the doorway to our emotional self opens, Right Brain Intelligence is strengthened. There are many benefits. But I think the greatest is that it creates a more flexible mind and more open heart. Once we are able to ‘see-clearly’ we tend to judge less. Which is a good thing.

So, you are saying everyone is clairvoyant?

It is a sliver of the pie of our sixth sense. So as we all have the pie, the opportunity to develop it lies in wait.

Is it just that we don’t say the word or acknowledge it?

It is not that no one talks about it but more that because our sixth sense, as I mentioned earlier, hangs out in the background there is a tendency to focus on what appears more solid. Being psychic, clairvoyant or intuitive goes in and out fashion. At one time all knowledge of subtle energy would have been hidden - hence the word Occult - which simply means - hidden. Now, alot of what would have only been talked about and practice in small circles is general knowledge. I think we are acknowledging the ability to perceive more of what there is as a valuable commodity and very useful for decision making. Hence the rise of E.I. Emotional Intelligence. We are rediscovering and awakening to the wisdom of the gut reaction and more open to understanding how it works rather than leaving it to the ‘special few’.

So, on some level, is intuition clairvoyance?

Yes, I think they are all kind of connected - clairvoyance, psychic energy, intuition. They are like ribbons that intertwine, so one touches the other and touches back. You could separate them out but I think they are all strands of the same tapestry.

At the present time, in the media, there is generally a big interest in this subtle world and paranormal abilities. Do you think there is more interest now than in the past? If so is there a reason for that? How do you see it?

We live at a time of great expansion as well, great acceleration. No longer content to just jog along we are up and running. These last 15 years have brought great change making the world much more assessable but as well, bringing the world of feelings much more into open. We blog, Face Book, Tweet whatever is going on. Our frustrations, our hopes as well as fears. What used to be hidden has rushed outwards into the surface of humanity. Some very valuable, other bits perhaps, not so. This means we are developing rapidly not only technologically but Spiritually as well. There is a drive to becoming both more self-reliant and as well, more open to others. A deeper connection is forming.

Where once humanity swam at the surface of the water, focusing on the doing - we are now taking that deeper dive and are curious to discover more of what is. So what was hidden is no longer. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that just as a 100 years ago just as there were pianos in most houses now there are Tarot Decks, Angel cards, Crystals, business books on trusting your gut or developing Practical Intuition. All of this means that we are opening up the doors to deeper understanding which shed more light. Curiosity beckons.

So how about you personally? How has it helped you? How do you use clairvoyance and visions in your life?

I was born an Intuitive and Spiritually aware. So for me clairvoyance is one thread in that great tapestry of awareness. It is natural for me to see without using my eyes, hear without my ears or feel with touching. Being so sensitive, especially in my younger years brought great challenges. In order to make sense of the onslaught of information pouring through me and in me I’ve had to do a great deal of Personal Development to stabilize and find inner-balance. I’ve been fortunate as for most of my working life I’ve incorporated these skills into all that I do. Which means, when I work with someone I am able to see what is going on with not only their energy but as well what is lies on deeper levels. Whether through inner or outer vision I trust what I see helping me to guide them towards well being. I guess all threads of the tapestry are at work when with a client.

30 years ago I moved to London from Boston, USA just because I heard an inner voice, very clearly, telling me to move to London. I gave up everything and moved without knowing why but in total trust. Looking back it is the best inner directive I have ever acted upon.

On a very practical level, I’ve never needed a mechanic’s advice when buying a car. I feel it’s right when I read the ad. It is that inner-knowing. For that matter I also know when to look for that ad. Same with buying a house. The ribbons of the tapestry make decision making a whole lot easier. If you trust your feelings - most of the battle is already won.

Do you see things around you alot? Things that other people cannot see.

Hard one to answer because I don’t know what other people can see.

Do you see spirits standing there, or get a vision of something to do? Do you get a flash of insight in your head? Do you see these things externally or internally.

Sometimes it is very solidly external and sometimes very solidly internal. And I don't know how to define that, as it is very much a part of me. I'm not looking at this room right now and seeing ten people walking around, but there are times I am looking in this room and I can see what is here. I don't need to see ten people walking around this room, what I need to do is focus on what I am doing. So in that case I will be sensitive to my own kind of focus.

You know, you can be wide open and see everything, but what is the point?
It's like walking into the city but not being able to shut down the background noise. It'll just take you over. So you learn to filter. And then you learn to turn it on full blast when you are in the right place. I have seen spirits (often as a child) and always have flashes of insight but I also receive information through clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling/touching), claircognizance (knowing) but as well through empathy. When the door is open it all flows through. The skill is in the interpretation.

So, if you want to, can you give me examples of times in your life where a vision has helped guide you or helped you?

Let’s see one inner and one outer.

One evening I was walking down a dark city street. Approaching me was a man. I didn’t think anything of it as we were both just walking on a sidewalk. All of a sudden I heard an inner voice very clearly saying, “Cross the road. Now.” Without any question or hesitation I did exactly that. I will never know the reason for that inner directive but trust there was a very good chance it moved me out of harm’s way.

Around 10 or so years ago while walking down the street, minding my own business, all of a sudden a vision flashed before me. I was 10 years in the future. I saw all these clinics designed specifically for weaning people off TV. Having recognized that the TV as a visual hypnotic drug and that many people were losing out on life because of spending so much time in a hypnotic state. People went to these clinics for help with the TV withdrawal.

When I saw that (I don't know if it was ten or twenty years’ time) I wasn't thinking about TVs but it flashed and I thought, "God, that's so true." When you see a vision that is what you think - "That is so true."

The power of the TV is a very destructive influence. It can be positive, but for the most part it just sits there so that they we don’t have to think. It hypnotizes us. For many we don't care what they are looking at, just keep looking - not thinking. The danger is as we are in a hypnotic trance state we absorb what we see. For the most part the invention of the TV hasn’t added to our society but more so taken away. Time, imagination, communication, sharing. Ahh.. I could go on. Our imagination becomes passive in this process and as the imagination muscle weakens we lose out on creativity. When passivity becomes the norm, depression is not far away. Now, all that information came like a flash. And I thought, "Why didn't I think of that?"

What’s interesting now is at that time gaming, internet, FB, smart phones were really a thing of the future. I saw clinics for withdrawal from screens. I assumed TV. But the lure of the screen is pulls us in more and more it is having a much bigger and dangerous effect on consciousness.

One more.

In 1998 I was asked to predict the technology of the future. What would Sony be selling in the year 2010?

After going into an altered state I imagined myself going into a Sony shop and tape recorded all that I ‘saw’.

What was really interesting about that was that there were three clairvoyants that had this task, and although we had no contact with each other, eight of the ten things were exactly the same. And what is even more interesting there are newspaper clippings coming out now which support what I said then. That is because in order for these products to come out in 2010 it would have to be a prototype of some sort. I keep seeing my visions as reality and thinking, "Oh my God that's what I saw in my mind."

Ideas come down, they shower down, and lots of people get them all at the same time. Some people act, some people don't. Some people realize they should have acted when they thought of it. They shower down to make sure that it hits enough people so somebody will do it. And if you are clairvoyant, all you are doing is you are reaching up a bit higher in that shower. So you are grabbing that idea, that potential, first. And then you are telling what you see.

Without a doubt if I was the owner of a progressive company I would certainly hire individuals like myself who can reach up that bit higher and get those ideas first. A bit of an edge in competition that is for sure.

Could you finish with some advice for people who are reading this interview now and thinking that this all sounds interesting and appealing, and they'd like to take a step for themselves? What could people do for themselves?

There are so many exercises which will help you to develop more sensitivity. Remember we all have the ability but it all boils down to remembering that you do and noticing those times when ‘you know who is on the phone before you answer it.’ As the more you value and get used to taking stock of this inner directive the more you will be able to see or perceive more of what is.

Meditation is a great way to learn to quiet the mind. It is difficult to hear inner whisperings if our mind chatter is rattling on. Clairvoyance also has a great deal to do with learning to un-train how you see. It is by softening our focus we can see more of what is around.

Try sitting quietly in a darkened room. Lighting a candle just sit and stare at the flame but first make sure you soften your eyes and as you slip into a relaxed state choose a colour you want to see around the flame.

So, say you pick green. With unfocused eyes look at the candle flame and think about the colour green or see the colour green. (Your eyes will tire easily because they are not used to being out of focus.) The more you look at it, the more what you think on the inside will match what you see on the outside. So you will start to see this really vibrant green ray around one side of the candle flame.

Practicing this is not only very relaxing but as well develops patience which is greatly needed in learning to work with subtle energies. In this instance you are learning to project the inside outside which plays a big part in clairvoyance. It helps you to develop sensitivity and introduce you to subtle energy. Also you are practicing entering the trance sate the place where the whisper of our sixth sense is heard loud and clear.

If interested in clairvoyance, wanting to be develop sensitivity, you need to develop emotional access. This isn't like a math project where you study numbers and find balance. This is about accessing your feelings and being able to differentiate the subtle energy from your own. It can be done but one must be prepared to invest time, energy and commitment and as well to open to Personal Growth. Clairvoyance is information which either comes through you or to you. Either way not something you can go and get. A whole different way of thinking.

Thank you very much for talking to us.

It was a pleasure.


Interview was with Brett Almond
Originally Interviewed in 2004. And answers totally revised and rewritten in 2014.