Becoming a Professional Tarot Card Reader

Becoming a Professional Tarot Card Reader

Posted by Brian Stevenson

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After they have been studying the Tarot cards for a while, many people wonder if they could work as a professional reader. Starting out as a professional can be daunting and it is advisable not to start charging until after you have given about 100 successful practice readings.

A good way to start is to give readings on a barter basis. That is, in exchange for a reading, the client gives you a token gift such as a bottle of wine etc. Some readers might have clients who are therapists and so a reading can be given in exchange for some treatment.

One of the most important things to remember is that people will be turning to you for help and guidance about all aspects of their lives. This is a great responsibility and you should always remember that people may act on your advice. So, be careful to make yourself clear and to always stress that people are responsible for their own lives.

There are many different ways of working as a professional reader. These include working on the telephone, giving face-to-face readings at home, on business premises or at Psychic Fairs.

Telephone or Internet Readings

The demand for Tarot readings by telephone has been growing in recent years. There are several different ways of working as a Telephone Reader. One of the simplest ways is to work from home for an internet-based advisory company. Most of these companies allow their readers to write their own advertisements and in return for advertising your services, they take a percentage of the total amount charged. Calls from clients are routed to you via the company’s computer. The client pays the company direct via their credit card and most companies pay their tarot card readers once a month.

There are also companies who operate entirely on the telephone, without any internet involvement. The client sees the advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, rings the number and the company puts the call through to you at your home. The organising company does however take a large chunk of your earnings and this can be as high as 50%.

There are advantages and disadvantages to giving telephone readings from home. On the plus side you can work from home to suit yourself and you have an anonymity that allows you to be a little more forthright in your reading. As clients are not going to see you, it doesn’t really matter what you wear or what you look like. So, if your client wants to imagine that you are giving the reading dressed as a gypsy in a candlelit room, then they can!

On the negative side, you obviously don’t see your client and so you don’t know how the reading is being received. As clients are paying to talk to you by the minute they tend to expect you to talk non-stop and they don’t always understand that you might need a few quiet moments to study the cards in detail.

Because clients will expect you to start talking straight away, it is best to stick to simple three-card spreads, although occasionally more complex spreads might be appropriate. After talking for a few minutes it helps to ask the client if they can relate to the reading and if they would like anything made clearer. Depending on the answer, some more cards can be dealt.

One of the benefits of being a telephone reader is that it teaches you to be very concise in your readings and to get straight to the point. After all, if clients are paying by the minute to speak to you, then you soon learn that they don’t want to pay for waffle or padding.

There are also companies which employ Readers to work at their call centres. There you are likely to be working in a small booth and taking calls from clients one after the other. Although their are some reputable companies who operate in this way, they are many who will expect you to learn a script, rather than actually read the cards, with the aim of keeping each client on the telephone for as long as possible.

Face-to-Face Readings

Tarot Reader in HutThere are many ways of offering face-to-face readings. These include working at home, visiting clients in their homes, working at an Alternative Health Centres, Bookshop or Psychic Centre and taking part in Psychic Fairs and Exhibitions.

Offering your services from home is the most inexpensive and practical way to start your business, providing that you live somewhere which is easily accessible to the public. Your home must be easy to find and close to public transport. As some clients may drive to see you, free nearby parking facilities are vital.

When working from home make sure that the room in which you see your clients is always clean, tidy and peaceful.

As you will be inviting strangers into your home or visiting strangers in their homes, always take special care of your own personal security.

Many Alternative Health Centres, Bookshops and Psychic Centres now offer Tarot card readings and working in these environments can be enjoyable and profitable. Some centres may employ you for a fixed fee, although the usual practice is that you pay a daily rent for your room or space. However, you may have to do some of your own advertising and you will be competing for business with all the other people working at the centre.

Psychic Fairs have been popular for many years and most of them feature at least one Tarot card Reader. Readers are usually charged a ‘Table Fee’ of up to £150 per day. For this amount you will be allocated a stall or table and the organiser may mention you in his or her publicity material. How you decorate your stall is usually up to you. Some readers prefer a plain and simple minimalist appearance, whereas others may go for the full exotic gypsy look. To prevent readers undercutting each other, some organisers like to make sure that all their readers charge the same amount. Taking part in Psychic Fairs can be fun, but it is also exhausting. However, it is a good way of meeting a lot of new clients.

Finally do remember that once you turn professional you will have to consider such mundane matters as Income Tax, insurance and VAT. However, working as a professional reader can be both rewarding and enjoyable, with the added benefit that you will have been helping people to make their own destinies.

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